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Provides advertisers with targeted hard to reach locations and experiential marketing solutions that efficiently deliver distinct demographic and psychographic niches with the added benefit of shared profits and residual income for life.

2 Community Digital Billboard Advertisement
Reaching thousands of people in communities all across the nation per month in small and large business locations which include Fitness, Restaurants, Salons, Barber Shops and more. Our network delivers HI-RES Ads to consumers everyday: At the same time sharing ad revenue with the local communities that support the network of billboard systems. Additional locations for advertising coming aboard every month extending the network. We provide 100% targeted network marketing with Digital Signage.

3 Start your own Digital AD Network! Mini Billboard System

4 Simple Digital Signage System
Standard Toaster Size, AC Only Our systems are plug-n-play designed with color coded connections that anyone can follow. Smaller Size and AC/DC powered for mobile applications like Busses, Taxi Cabs, Trains and Trolley cars. Both versions come with SVGA and DMI Hi Res Display connections for flexibility. Hardware support for Sound, Video, USB and RS232 installed for future software expansions like Bluetooth, Web Cams and more. (Software only for do-it-yourselfers)

5 Straight forward commission structure
Ads sell for $25 30% back to A to Z = $7.50 70% all for YOU = $17.50 Click here to download the commission spreadsheet (Excel Spreadsheet)

6 Control your Ads via the WEB Upload your ads as easy as creating an image gallery

7 Market your Ads via Email too

8 Bottom area is customized for each Host or Virtual Host
AD Server Display Bottom area is customized for each Host or Virtual Host

9 Many ways to get started
Reseller – Sell systems and earn $50 commission and residual commissions from ad sales. HOST – By a system for your own place of business and earn 70% commission from all ads each month. Virtual Hosting – By a system and find a place to sponsor it, sharing commission. Sponsoring – $500 will get a system placed in your name for 1 year with 10 ADs. Investing - $500 will get a system placed in your name and you earn 50% commission for 1 year. Franchise - $3000 will get you a Independent business with private website, advertisement materials and 1 system to start with. You also get systems at 35% discount. We try to make it work for anyone willing to work for themselves, just call us!

10 Hosting and Virtual Hosting
The easiest way to start making money with our unique Mini Billboard System is to sign up as a Host or Virtual Host. A Host is basically the owner of a Mini Billboard system and sells ads for his or her own system they have purchased and placed on location of their public business. A Virtual Host is a person that own a system but does not own the location it’s placed in. Once you have a system, you place it in your favorite business location and start selling advertisement for it as soon as you power up the system. Sell your ads for $25 to stay within the A to Z Reseller Network of system or become Independent and set your own prices. If you stay in the $25 network of systems you pay A to Z a 30% commission on all the ads you sell and you keep the remaining 70% as gross profits. As a Virtual Host, the 70% gross you make will have shared with the sponsoring location of your billboard system whatever you work out between you both. Typically, $1 to $2 dollars and a free ad in the system is fair.

11 Sponsoring a Mini Billboard System
To sponsor a system cost $500 each if your not a public official and gets you 1 AD in the system for a duration of 1 year from the time of placement. The system will carry your business or sponsorship name in the personalized area at the bottom of all ads. You ad will be displayed no less then 4 times per hour during business hours for a full year. You will not receive any monthly commissions and nor will you own the system in anyway. This is great for corporate businesses like Banks, Car Dealers and more. There is no limit to how many systems or years you sponsor. This is a great way to give back to the community.

12 Investing in a Mini Billboard System
To invest in a system the cost would be $500 each and comes with a 1 year commitment per system. Investors get no free ads or sponsorship names on the systems what so ever, but they do get monthly commissions of 50% of all ad sales coming from their systems they invest in for 1 year. Investors don't have to promote their own systems because we have sales reps assigned to all invested systems in the area they are placed anywhere in the US. This is great for anyone that has a few dollars to invest but no time to do sales but still want to earn income. There is no limit to how many systems or years you sponsor. This is a great way to give back to the community.

13 Starting your own Franchise
An A to Z Mini Billboard Franchise is priced at $3000 and comes packaged like a Business In A Box. We give you everything you need to own and operate as an Independent Digital Signage company. You get a Company Website custom built with your own domain name and hosting for 1 year ($99 a year hosting), a private AD Control Panel, customized legal documents for sales and installations, 1 complete Mini Billboard Package (worth $1100), 15% discount on future mini billboard systems and personalized training. This is great for anyone that wants to start their own private branded digital signage business or an already existing sign shop that wants to carry digital billboards. No where in the world can you get a ready made business for what we offer at any price.

14 Financial Freedom
I start out homeless and $12 in my pocket and wound up 3 years later with a National Billboard business that gives back 70% of it’s profits to the community that supports it. The system is designed from conception to make a positive impact on all that touch it while at the same time keeping corporate America out of the mix.


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