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This Video is Provided by Spectra International... Voted #1 Executive Search Firm in Arizona The Virtual Recruiter Network...2012.

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1 This Video is Provided by Spectra International... Voted #1 Executive Search Firm in Arizona The Virtual Recruiter Network...2012

2 We hope this helps you understand what skills are required to become a virtual recruiter and work from the comfort of your home!

3 Timing is everything! And...this is a GREAT time to become a virtual recruiter! Why? Because the old staffing agency model is slowly dying and being replaced by experienced virtual recruiters working from home! There is a looming labor shortage being caused by the current generation of retiring Baby Boomers! Spectra is hiring and training virtual recruiters

4 In fact, did you know that, starting this year, one baby boomer will retire every 8 seconds for the next 18 years? This is one of the big reasons that virtual recruiters will be in demand.

5 Working Independently Up until the last couple of years, you HAD to work for someone else if you wanted to the advantages of a large firm in the staffing and recruiting industry... because the fees and overhead just made it too expensive to work on your own.

6 The Recruiting Industry... stays the same but is also constantly changing. Just as the basics of recruiting remain the same, the requirements for a recruiter are always changing Technology and downsizing alone have caused drastic changes for recruiters over the past two or three years.

7 Although nearly 60% of on-site recruiters were downsized during the current economic downturn, many have 'gone rogue' and discovered the wonderful world of independent recruiting. In fact, recent studies show that virtual recruiters working from home are actually MORE productive than on-site recruiters!

8 OK...So, how do I become a virtual recruiter?

9 The first step is to understand the job description and daily habits of an experienced recruiter. Then, determine whether you have the skills and commitment to be trained as a successful full-cycle, money-making recruiter.

10 The following job requirements are NOT all inclusive but will give you a pretty good idea of what the daily tasks of a virtual recruiter will be. The first list of '8' comes from the 'traditional staffing agency' and requires 'cradle to grave' knowledge of the placement process. Here are some of the most important:

11 #1 relationship building through industry knowledge and being a valuable resource to your clients and candidates (you gain insights here with experience and training)

12 #2 creatively recruiting the best possible candidates through screening, interviewing and passive recruiting techniques (Spectra provides the latest passive recruiting and social media recruitment tools)

13 #3 controlling all critical aspects of a successful placement including offer, acceptance, transition (our on-line training sessions cover these)

14 #4 acting as liaison during the resignation, counter-offer, start dates and relocation details (always be selling)

15 #5 acting professionally and ethically at all times (our reputation speaks for itself)

16 #6 being self-motivated with good planning and time management skills

17 #7 having good listening, writing and communication skills

18 #8 having strong computer skills, internet savvy and knowledge of social networking (must have the basics here and be willing to learn)

19 The following job skills are used to separate 'Excellent' Recruiters from 'Ordinary' Recruiters. 1. Know your industry and become a consultant to your clients 2. Understand that job board candidates only represent 20% of the possible workforce; most candidates are happily employed and are NOT on the job boards 3. Understand the baby boomer generation and looming labor shortages being created because of it

20 Separating 'Excellent' Recruiters from 'Ordinary' Recruiters. 4. Know your personal metrics and how to adjust them for best results 5. Know state-of-the-art recruiting practices 6. Always be 'in training'

21 Separating 'Excellent' Recruiters from 'Ordinary' Recruiters. 7. Listen TWICE as much as you speak; know the right questions to ask 8. Learn how to leverage your time and grow your business through outsourcing

22 You must be wondering...but is it really worth it? The answer is a definite YES!

23 A contingency fee recruiter or in-house corporate recruiter with full cycle recruiting skills can easily earn between $50,000 and $120,000 a year -- depending on their skills and experience. Contract recruiters can earn anywhere from $20 to $75 per hour depending on their skills and the industry.

24 And the one real PLUS? Not only can you earn a very generous income but you will have the luxury of working from home!

25 The most important ingredient for a successful career in virtual recruiting guessed it! TRAINING

26 Two important questions for your chosen virtual recruiter team and trainer: #1 – Will I learn all of the 'traditional' and 'future' qualifications that are required to be an excellent recruiter? (those listed in this slide presentation) #2 – Will I receive ongoing training?

27 Recruiting is not rocket science! You are not born with recruiter skills - they are all learned. And, in today's fast-paced world, the recruiter with the best training, communication skills and time management will WIN every time in this exciting career opportunity of the future.

28 Click links below to learn more about joining our Virtual Recruiter Network: Virtual Executive Recruiter Network Website Free Virtual Recruiter Information Packet Spectra International Corporate Website

29 We hope this slide presentation has helped you understand how you too can become a virtual recruiter and work from the comfort of your home!

30 Spectra International -- Voted #1 Executive Search Firm in Arizona 'Best of the Best' and 'Circle of Excellence' Awards in 2012. Hiring Virtual RecruitersHiring Virtual Recruiters... Click here for your Free Information Packet Click here for Spectra's Corporate Website

31 Thank you for watching and we wish you much success... Sybil Goldberg

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