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Final Training for Trick or Vote Trainers!. Schedule of the Day.

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1 Final Training for Trick or Vote Trainers!

2 Schedule of the Day

3 What do you need to know? Every Trick or Vote Trainer will have between 6 to 10 Trick or Voters. The sign-in table will assign you Trick-or- Voters. Your teams materials (handouts, clipboards, pens, and candy for each Trick or Voter) will be in bags on the floor near your teams sign. Turf will be handed to your Sign Holder. Please DONT HAND IT OUT until instructed from the stage.

4 Checklist: Trainer Responsibilities BEFORE leaving the Crystal Write down everyones name and cell phone number Give everyone YOUR cell phone number (if you have one) Designate meeting spot on turf. Remember your entire team should be back at the Crystal at 7pm. Pair canvassers up Decide who will lead caravan to turf / how to get there Hand out literature and supplies (if you havent already) Check costume appropriateness

5 Checklist: Trainer Responsibilities AFTER the canvass Bring everyone back Collect all materials from your team, especially volunteer sign-up sheets and tallies Turn in all your materials to the turf table

6 How the Turf Table Works Turf will be distributed when…

7 Sign-In Team

8 Crowd Control Team

9 Sign HOLDER Team

10 13 Tips Team

11 WALKING & KNOCKING for DEMOCRACY! We will be knocking on doors to get out the vote. Its the best way, on the best day! Everyone going out today gets a map and walklist. Thats your TURF. Each turf is for a PAIR of Trick-or-Voters. You can choose to walk separately (for example, on different sides of the street), or walk together. Stay on your turf so you dont overlap other Trick or Voters.

12 WALKING & KNOCKING for DEMOCRACY! There are three kinds of turf – RED: lots of apartment buildings – YELLOW: a mix of apartments and houses – GREEN: mostly houses

13 GREEN & If youre on a green or yellow team, youll get a map that highlights your assigned turf. You will also get a walk-list of voters who HAVENT YET VOTED (as of Thursday). Focus on knocking on those doors. Each turf is for two people, and contains between 100 and 200 doors. YELLOWTURF

14 YELLOW TURF Yellow turf includes both houses and apartments. Knock on doors until you get to an apartment complex. If its locked, try your best to get in! YELLOW TURF

15 RED TURF If you are on a RED team, you will have a map of APARTMENT BUILDINGS (not houses) that are assigned to you. Each pair of Trick or Voters will be assigned between 1 and 5 apartment buildings. You will also get a list of registered voters in each building. ( NOTE: Unlike green & yellow turf, your turf will NOT tell you whether people have voted in this election.)

16 Some buildings have openers. Some do not. If you have an opener, please dont share their name with anyone else in the building. If your turf is mostly students, you will have student-specific voter guides to leave for people. Be subtle, polite, and persistent, like a ninja. RED TURF

17 Materials TO DISTRIBUTE: Nonpartisan ballot measure guide + ballot drop site info Door Hangers A few Trick or Vote flyers Candy TO USE: Clipboard & pen Volunteer sign-ups Candy

18 What to Do Now, before the Trick or Voters come Slap stickers on door hangers Arrange material bags & signs by color, and in alphabetical order within color.

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