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Voter Registration: How To, FAQs, and Tips. HOW TO REGISTER SOMEONE TO VOTE.

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1 Voter Registration: How To, FAQs, and Tips


3 Who Can Register to Vote? You must be: A US citizen At least 18 years old by General Election Not currently serving a felony sentence

4 Who Can Register Others? Anyone! No special certification required You dont have to be eligible to vote yourself

5 Your Obligation as Registrar You cannot coerce someone into registering for any particular party You can complete the form for the voter, but they must sign it themselves If you accept a completed form, you must turn it into the county Board of Elections before the deadline

6 Registration Deadlines Mail or turn in completed forms to your county Board of Elections within 7 days To vote in an election, you must register 25 days before – This rule is firm; there is no more Same Day Registration during Early Voting

7 Filling Out the Form: Required! Checkboxes in Section 1 Full legal name in Section 2 (that matches your ID or SSN) Date of birth in Section 2 or 3 (depending on form) Residential address Signature

8 Filling Out the Form: Key Sections Identifying numbers – Providing this information helps the Board of Elections verify your identity (required by federal law) – This could be your NC drivers license or ID or the last four of your SSN – If no ID# is listed, youll be required to show an identifying document when you first vote – On the new form: Focus voters attention on Section 3 and check the box if they have no ID#

9 Filling Out the Form: Key Sections Phone number – So the Board of Elections can contact the voter if there are any problems with the form – Also helpful for Get-Out-the-Vote follow-up calls – I would delete this; people hate those calls. Race, Gender & Ethnicity – Helps monitor the political process for bias


11 What Party Should I Register For? Tell them You should choose a party that most closely aligns with your values or you can choose to be unaffiliated. Im not allowed to recommend a party.

12 Whats the Difference Between Parties? Resist the urge to answer this question yourself. Instead say, You can call or look up the parties online to find out more about their positions. You can also use an elected official as an illustration, Ronald Reagan was a Republican President; Barack Obama is a Democratic President.

13 Ill be 18 Soon. Can I Register? If you will be 18 by the General Election in the fall, then yes. You can vote in the primary if youre 17 but will be 18 on the day of the General Election.

14 What if I Have a Felony Conviction? Your sentence must be complete (including any probation or parole) before re-registering. Use the same form as anyone else. Re-register like a new voter. No special documents required!

15 What if I Have a Misdemeanor Conviction? Dont worry. Your right to vote is not affected by a misdemeanor conviction, even if you have served or are currently serving a jail sentence.

16 What if I Have Pending Felony Charges? As long as you have not been convicted, your right to vote is intact.

17 What If I Dont Have a Permanent Address? Your residence address is where you sleep or spend most of your time. If thats a shelter or a friends house, use that address. If it has no address, use a shelter or other agency (draw the sleeping location in the box in section 5.) Your mailing address can be a PO Box, a local shelter, parents home – where you get mail. Alert: Update your registration when you move.

18 I Think Im Already Registered. If you have a smart phone or laptop available say, I can look up your registration right now at If you cant access the internet say, You can find out by calling the State Board of Elections at (866) 522-4723. Or, just suggest they re-register. The new registration will update your old one.

19 What Happens After I Register? You should receive a verification card from the county Board of Elections. You may also get a letter asking for more identifying information. This happens when the Board of Elections cant verify your identity based on the information on the voter registration form. – Most common if the person doesnt provide any identifying numbers in Section 3.

20 What If the Voter is Transgender? Make sure the name on your ID or Social Security card matches the name on your voter registration. Otherwise, it may derail the verification process. Other questions? Call the State Board of Elections at (866) 522-4723.


22 Let Your Light Shine Speak out! If people are already registered or dont want to register, theyll let you know. Emphasize update or current – Are you registered at your current address? Enthusiasm works! Stay upbeat and friendly. Smile and talk to folks passing by. Your warmth may convince them to stop and register.

23 Share Information Incorporate voter education into your conversations. Voting is most exciting in context. Hand out Know Your Rights wallet cards, information on voting with a felony conviction, the recent voting law changes, or other nonpartisan materials.

24 Make it Easy Provide a hard surface for people filling out the form. It could be a table and chair for a site-based drive or a clipboard if youre on foot. Offer to fill out the form for them, if they have their hands full.

25 Get That Form! Double-check the form before the voter leaves! Make sure all required & most key sections are filled out. Keep the form and make sure it gets turned in properly and on time. If someone wants to take a form with them, be sure they know key sections to complete and where to mail it when done.

26 What To Expect On average, site-based voter drives may yield 5 to 7 registrations an hour per volunteer. Door-to-door drives may yield fewer per volunteer team. Voter registration can be a slow process. Dont get discouraged!


28 How Will You Register Voters? Site-based registration means setting up a table at a community event, a Wal-Mart, a church, or other high traffic location. – These drives often result in higher numbers for less effort Door-to-door registration means going through a neighborhood. – These drives allow you to target your efforts to specific area or neighborhood

29 Making a Plan Pick a date and time: What days and times are people most likely to be at the site or in the neighborhood youve picked? Get permission from location sites, if needed. Work with other groups, if possible.

30 What to Bring Voter registration forms and pens (blue and black ink) Signs (Register to Vote Here) Clipboards (especially if registering on-foot) Nonpartisan voter education materials Envelope or box for completed forms Tables and chairs for both volunteers and registrants

31 Also Consider Bringing Small giveaways (candy, stickers, or buttons) Smart phone or laptop to check voters status online

32 Coordinating Volunteers Recruit more folks than you need to account for possible last-minute cancellations Plan to work in teams of two, especially for door-to-door canvassing Sign volunteers up for shifts of 3-4 hours

33 Coordinating Volunteers Call volunteers the night before to confirm theyre coming Make sure that the drive leader is available to answer any questions that come up

34 For More Information Visit these websites: Call 888-OUR-VOTE (Democracy NC) 866-522-4723 (State Board of Elections)

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