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Interesting Features of Places in Petchaburi Province Presented by Group 1.

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1 Interesting Features of Places in Petchaburi Province Presented by Group 1

2 Interesting Features of Places2 Members of Group Mr.Chonchan Ms.Ubolchat Ms.Supapan Mr.Prajuab

3 Interesting Features of Places3 Outlines Introduction Visited Places: Cha-Am & Puek Tian Beach Yai Suwan Naram Temple Phra Putta Sai Yas Temple Phra Ram Ratchanivet Palace Kao Luang Cave Conclusion

4 Interesting Features of Places4 Introduction Petchaburi province which used to be an important royal fort town in the past is located 160 kms south of Bangkok The majority of the local residents are engaged in agricultural activities including rice farming, fruit farming, palm sugar production and sea fisheries Whatever the assumptions are, the fact that Petchaburi is an ancient city with a very long history is undeniable

5 Interesting Features of Places5 Introduction Petchaburi province has changed its character to a town of charming beauty with peaceful seaside resorts & natural reserves. The three Kings of Rattanakosin period established their retreats here. The province is also well known for its historical park, ancient temples, wonderful beaches & caves.

6 Interesting Features of Places6 Introduction There are the most interesting features of the places we visited Petchaburi province: -Cha-Am beach & Puek Tien beach -Yai Suwannaram temple & Phra Putta Sai Yas temple -Phra Ram Ratchanivet palace -Kao Luang cave

7 Where you are now Amphur Muang Puek Tien Beach Amphur Cha-Am: Cha-Am Beach Amphur Muang Temples,Palace &Cave

8 Interesting Features of Places8 Puek Tian Beach vs. Cha-Am Beach The beach is famous for being long & clean Excellent fresh seafood & originally fishing village Offering a large variety of accommodations & challenging activities Wide & long beach The most feature is giantess statue Delicious fresh seafood Popular among local tourists back

9 Interesting Features of Places9 Yai Suwan Naram Temple Featuring a windowless main shrine hall Housing magnificent 300-year-old murals of mythical angels Its Sala palace entirely built of teakwood & decorated with fine woodwork

10 Interesting Features of Places10 Phra Putta Sai Yas Temple Housing the beautiful reclining Buddha image in stucco & brick work, lacquered and covered with gold foil One of the 4 largest reclining Buddha in Thailand

11 Interesting Features of Places11 Phra Ram Ratchanivet Palace Designed in European style palace & established in 1910 at the command of King Rama V Used to welcome & accommodate state visitors during the reign of King Rama VI Located the monument of King Rama V

12 Interesting Features of Places12 Kao Luang Cave Housing a Buddha image cast under royal command of King Rama V Local people housed many Buddha images in additional to the original one Beautiful stalactites & stalagmites

13 Interesting Features of Places13 Conclusion From the interesting features of the places we can conclude that Petchaburi province is The land of Thamma The city of historical sites Well known for peaceful beaches & wonderful caves Friendship & sympathy of people

14 Interesting Features of Places14 References

15 Thank You

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