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Master in Giornalismo, COREP Turin, Italia March 7, 2008 Stefania Coni * Allyson Reaves * Angelo Miglietta.

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1 Master in Giornalismo, COREP Turin, Italia March 7, 2008 Stefania Coni * Allyson Reaves * Angelo Miglietta

2 ICE BREAKER TIME PART ONE one word to define philanthropy ONLY ONE!!!!!

3 PHILANTHROPY DEFINED Philanthropy is the act of donating money, goods, time, or effort to support a charitable cause, usually in regard to a defined objective.

4 Ice-breaker Part II: Discussion How do you imagine philanthropy works? How does philanthropy affect your world? Who do you think is affiliated with philanthropy?

5 What do foundations do? Make grants Create Initiatives Convene Inform Research NEW PRACTICE: Venture Philanthropy

6 What is Venture Philanthropy? NOT JUST A FUNDER Strategic advisor Executive coach Change agent Board member Consultant

7 What is Venture Philanthropy? Applies venture capital strategies to charitable giving Focuses on leadership, bold ideas and innovation, long-term funding and organizational development. Venture philanthropists, or donor-investors, help charities in ways other than just donating money. They work in partnership with the nonprofits they support, volunteering their expertise, contacts, and general business acumen.

8 How Venture Philanthropists work –Conduct research –Focus on particular sectors –Develop an investment strategy –Scans the environment to find those investments with the greatest potential for highest (social) returns –Define your own investment hypotheses


10 The Chronicle of Philanthropy The Chronicle of Philanthropy is the newspaper of the nonprofit world. It is the No. 1 news source, in print and online, for charity leaders, fund raisers, grant makers, and other people involved in the philanthropic enterprise. 24 issues throughout the year

11 STANFORD SOCIAL INNOVATION Civil Society Public Policy Philanthropy Social Entrepreneurship Corporate Social Responsiblity Program Effectiveness Management Fundraising and Marketing

12 @ lliance Magazine Alliance is the worlds leading magazine on philanthropy and social investment. Alliance provides news and analysis of whats happening in the philanthropy and social investment sectors across the world, and a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners. 4 magazine issues. 8 e-bulletin issues

13 GIVING: International Journal on Philanthropy and Social Innovation An interdisciplinary forum Focused on the production of research and studies on philanthropy as an engine of social innovation Addresses social equity, social justice and social investment

14 VOLUNTAS International Society for Third- Sector Research An interdisciplinary international journal The central forum for worldwide research in the area between the state, market, and household sectors.

15 Additional Resources: EUROPE European Foundation Centre European Venture Philanthropy Association ITALY ACRI – Associazione delle Fondazioni delle Casse Di Risparmio Italiane Centro Documentazione Fondazioni UNITED STATES Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Silicon Valley Community Foundation – Center for Venture Philanthropy Venture Philanthropy Partners

16 FONDAZIONE CRT via XX Settembre, 31 10121 Torino - Italia T +39 011 6622491 F +39 011 6622432

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