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A ‘year’ in review Kathy Saunders NAVSEA 04RM34 May 5, 2009

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1 A ‘year’ in review Kathy Saunders NAVSEA 04RM34 May 5, 2009
NAVSEA TMDE Program Navy Program Winner of the2006 Defense Standardization Award A ‘year’ in review Kathy Saunders NAVSEA 04RM34 May 5, 2009

2 Program Mission The NAVSEA TMDE Program office is responsible for comprehensive cradle to grave Life cycle support, encompassing acquisition, outfitting and retirement of General Purpose Electronic and Electrical Test Equipment (GPETE)and Calibration Standards (CALSTDS). Through multiyear acquisition planning and execution, the TMDE program strives to provide cost effective Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) test equipment solutions to support Prime systems corrective and preventive maintenance

3 Functionality flow Prime Systems Engineering
GPETE Selection & assignment Prime Systems Engineering Acquisition Configuration management Program management support Calibration support

4 NAVSEA Test Equipment Architecture

5 TMDE Program Goals Standardization Modernization
Sailors use the same model they trained on in school Modernization Models are the most current and user-friendly available Infusion of new technologies Added capabilities, features, and integrated platforms Reliability Improvement Test equipment self-test and calibration resiliency Inventory Reduction Longer cal intervals and reliability reduce need for redundancy Distance Support Integration Capability for shore-based support to see what Sailor sees Automation Intelligent test equipment capable of hands-free maintenance

6 Terminology General Purpose Electronic Test Equipment (GPETE)
Electronic/Electrical test equipment containing the capability without modification to generate, modify, or measure a range of parameters of electronic functions required to test two or more prime equipments or systems of basically different design Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) Any system or device used to evaluate the operational condition of an end item or subsystem thereof, or to identify and/or isolate any actual or potential malfunction Calibration Standards (CAL STDs) Systems and equipment used to verify operational capability of either general purpose equipment or standards of lower accuracy.

7 Program Products SPETERL - Ships Portable Electrical/Electronic Test Equipment Requirements Listing. The requisite configuration document detailing prime systems and allowable quantities of test equipment to support maintenance. Published on demand TMDE Index - Used to cross-reference Prime system/equipment measurement requirements to SCAT codes and their affiliated NAVSEA authorized GPETE. CD-ROM Technical Manual Library- CD-ROM set of various GPETE technical manuals, both operator and service. Available upon request Assistance by – Test Equipment Operation Training – Nine GPETE Operator computer based training modules available on the TMDE INDEX CD.

8 TMDE Program - a year in review Major Initiatives and work efforts
Engineering To date, 120 Prime Systems evaluations/CMRS on file/completed. The Portable Pressure Calibrator outfitting is underway. 74 sets fielded from OPN procurements, 14 supporting New Ships construction. 367 personnel trained to date. Portable Radio Test Set accepted by Naval Special Warfare to support Radio Maintenance. Additional radio test protocols for AN/PRC 117 under development. System fielded to ten primary sites; 6 additional sites being staged

9 TMDE Program - a year in review Major Initiatives and work efforts
Engineering Completed NAVSEA 08 test equipment SCAT conversion for OHIO Class submarine Reactor Plant manuals Completed Engineering review of Advanced Virtual Instrumentation Test Set (AVITS) for SCAT compliance. Calibration Problem Report (CPR) Process Since last reporting, 738 reports received, balance of 9 Resolution process incorporates tandem effort between Corona and Seal Beach Functional Group Analysis as part of Modernization & Standardization Established a protocol to analyze/evaluate/target old models for replacement Used to develop New 5 year GPETE modernization plan

10 TMDE Program - a year in review Major Initiatives and work efforts
Class Standard Allowancing All major ship classes have approved Matrices 3 Matrices to be reviewed by Fleet (TBD) ACU, FFG & AS Matrix Work initiated for NAVWARCOM/NAVTELCOM Stations TMDE procurement 77 Calibration standards totaling $1.25M (FY08 -09) 2600 GPETE items totaling $10.87M (FY08-09) TMDE Index – CD-ROM Version 4.7 release Date 1 May On-line access available 1 May

11 TMDE Program - a year in review Major Initiatives and work efforts
SPETERL 537 SPETERLS requested, produced & distributed    USCG SPETERL work fully integrated into process Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) initiative 130k+ items marked to date Work underway to verify data as compliant with current DoD guidelines Bar coding of TMDE transferred and incorporated into Fleet CTRA process. Work started to incorporate TMDE identification within MFOM

12 TMDE Program - a year in review Major Initiatives and work efforts
MR-Cal Program Primary task to manage schoolhouse calibration overflow Initial task covered 13 schoolhouses, current task supports 34 schools Initial CALSAL documents produced for 3 labs affiliated with schools Calibration Laboratory Allowancing Process 15 baseline Calibration Laboratory Allowance Lists (CALSAL) developed for Regional, Fleet Shore and Forward Deployed, Naval Shipyards and participating Depot facilities completed – all documents have been site validated. Review of guidelines required to incorporate NAVSEA cognizant Mechanical/Shipboard Gage Field Calibration Activities

13 TMDE Program - a year in review Major Initiatives and work efforts
Provisioning TMDE identification on APL recommendations provided to Logistics forum for inclusion into the Tech Specifications for CDMD-OA. TMDE to be documented by use of APL – work in progress Provisioning completed on PPC (SCAT 5089 & 5090), 16803A-E01(SCAT 4025) & E4418B-E23 (SCAT 4957) Programmatics Completion of Requirements Document to support Next Generation TMDE Database Development Success in re-establishing OPNAV N86/ Surface Warfare GPETE procurement line.

14 Questions ? Email me at:
Ideas, comments and suggestions ? Call me at: ext 131

15 Points of Contact NAVSEA 04RM Calibration Branch Head
Kisan Pandit, NAVSEA 04RM3 ; TMDE Program manager - acting Kathy Saunders, NSWC Corona MS-20 ext 131; TMDE Deputy Program manager - acting Jeff Anderson, NSWC Corona MS-20 ext 127;

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