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2 Fiction- writing that comes from the author’s imagination
Short story- a work of fiction that can be read in one sitting Narrator- the teller of the story; sometimes a character; sometimes an outside voice created by the writer

3 Character- a person or animal in a literary work
Plot- the sequence of events in a literary work Setting- where and when the story takes place Conflict- a struggle between opposing forces

4 External conflict- a struggle with a character and and outside force (i.e. man vs. man; man vs. nature; man vs. society, etc.) Internal conflict- when a character struggles within himself or herself, such as to make a decision

5 Foreshadowing- when the author hints about something that will occur later
Symbol- a person, place, or thing that stands for or represents something beyond itself (i. e. crown = royalty or power)

6 Theme- the message or insight about life or human nature that the writer presents to the reader
Irony- the contrast between what is expected to happen and what actually exists or happens Point of view- the perspective from which a story is told

7 3 Types First person- told by one of the characters using the word “I” Third-person limited- told by a narrator who stands outside the story and reports the thoughts and experiences of only one character

8 Third-person omniscient- told by a narrator who stands outside of the story and reports the thoughts and experiences of many or all of the characters 5 Parts of the Plot 1. Exposition- beginning of story; introduces setting, characters, and conflict

9 Rising action- complications arise; suspense builds as the characters struggle to solve their problems; the plot develops Climax- highest point of suspense or interest; the outcome of the conflict becomes clear

10 Falling action- occurs after the climax; shows the effects of the climax
Resolution- end of the story; explains how the conflict is resolved


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