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By: Aarzu Ahmed Christopher Jaden

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2 By: Aarzu Ahmed Christopher Jaden

3 Birth and Childhood Born on May 29, 1917 in Massachusetts Dad, Joseph: successful business man Mom, Rose: daughter of Mayor of Boston 2 nd born of 9 children Lived in house with 12 rooms John F. Kennedys nickname was Jack From the very beginning, little Jack was thin and sickly. In fact when Jack was 3, he almost died of Scarlet Fever Jack got better as he grew older, but he always suffered from one sickness or another

4 Adult Family Life & Death JFK went to Harvard University in 1940 In 1952, he was elected to Congress and then 4 more times after In 1953, John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier They had 2 children, Caroline and John Jr. In 1960, he was elected President of the United States Hide and Seek was John Jr.s favorite game in his Dads presidential office The Soviet Union and the United States had a cold war. They each wanted more land without war. He started the Equal Rights Peace Corps On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was shot at age 46 during a parade in Dallas, Texas.

5 Likes & Dislikes Likes Dislikes Focus on problems Read books Travel Playing football People killing each other

6 Initiatives & Contributions Helped form Americas idea of Peace Corps Saved lives, crew members in World War II In 1956, wrote Profiles of Courage

7 Interesting Facts Females couldnt vote when JFK was a little kid F.stands for Fitzgerald o JFK ran for President of the United States in 1960 35 th President Youngest man elected president He was a great leader In 1961, JFK sent troops to Cuba, which is 90 miles off the coast of Florida James Brady was also shot but not killed with JFK because the shooter wanted to get JFK

8 Monuments, Statues & Memorials Runnymade, England San Juan, Puerto Rico Wexford, Ireland Runnymade, England San Juan, Puerto Rico Wexford, Ireland Dallas, Texas

9 Attitudes & Attributes Communication: talking to the public Respectful: respecting the country Thinker: making good laws Principled: nice to the country

10 Key Concepts Responsibility: work hard for the country Reflective: helped the country by realizing we needed peace, not war Connection: the speech like Dr. Martin Luther Kings speech

11 Questions Aarzu: Why did you choose the name John Jr. for your son? Christopher: What was your favorite book? Ahmed: What was your favorite thing in the world? Jaden: What was it like to be president?

12 Thank you for watching our Presidential Power Point!

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