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The History of Apple Joe Student Mr. Pickard Think Different Apple Computers, Inc.

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1 The History of Apple Joe Student Mr. Pickard Think Different Apple Computers, Inc.

2 TABLE OF CONTENTS The Birth of Apple The Rebirth of Apple Apple Today Apple and You Apple — Creative Leader Resources About Me

3 The Two Steves — The Birth of Apple Steve Wozniak built a CPU for the Homebrew Computer Club, a prototype that what would later become the Apple I. When Jobs saw Wozniak’s CPU he insisted that they try and sell it, and on April 1, 1976 (April Fool’s Day), Apple Computer was born. Their First headquarters was the Jobs' parents garage. The Apple I included only the circuit board. A tape- interface was sold separately. The Apple I's initial cost was $666.66

4 Apple Reborn — Steve Jobs Returns Steve Jobs returns as CEO to rebuild and revive the Apple brand Apple works with Microsoft to release new version of Microsoft Office for Mac Apple launches the Apple store and takes the world by storm. The iMac gave people enough computing power, at an affordable price. Next, Apple introduces their new laptop, the iBook and the PowerMac G3 Under Jobs leadership, Apple stock hits an all-time high in march 2000 at $130 a share.

5 Apple Today Apple corners the online music industry with iTunes and the iPod In the first year alone, the iTunes Music Store sold more than 70 million songs, and by July this number had increased to more than 100 million. Apple takes the cellular phone industry by storm with the iPhone. The first phone with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an individual operating system Apple introduces its’ revolutionary tablet, the iPad

6 Apple and You Apple products are part of our everyday life Apple has always been on the cutting edge of new technology and computing innovation The iPhone revolutionized the way we communicate and use cellular networks Apple will continue to be an innovator and leader in the communication and computer industry

7 Apple — Think Different Apple has not only been a leader in the computer industry, but also a creative leader in marketing and advertising from it’s “Think Different” campaign…

8 Apple — Think Different to its’ landmark advertising Apple “1984”

9 Resources Apple History The History of Apple Computers “hello hello” The Man Who Though Different Apple 1984 Super Bowl Commercial Introducing Macintosh Computer.

10 All About Me I Live in Sinking Spring, PA, but I grew up in Media, PA I live with my wife and two daughters My Favorite book is Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad I like to compete in triathlons and spend time with my family One thing you may not know about me is that I swam from the shores of Alcatraz Island in the into the icy cold waters of the San Francisco Belle for 1.5 miles finishing at the shores of the Marina Green Beach I like to help others by volunteering at St. Ignatius School, serving on the CYO board, and volunteering to coach multiple sports.

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