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CARIS S-57 Composer An Introduction

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1 CARIS S-57 Composer An Introduction
Fredericton – Canada • Heeswijk – The Netherlands • Washington DC – United States • Adelaide – Australia

2 Key Features New CARIS vector desktop editor
The basis of future CARIS desktop vector editing capabilities Uses the latest CARIS technologies for Importing, Mapping, Editing, Quality Assurance and Export Easily create multiple S-57 dataset formats ENC (3.1 & 3.1.1) AML (1.0 & 2.1) IENC (International 2.0 and USACE) Users can easily modify, create and add new dataset formats Marine Information Overlays (MIO) Digital Survey Sheets (DSS)

3 Support For Many Data Formats
Open a wide range of file types Vector S-57, VPF, CARIS, HOB, DXF, DGN, SHP ... Raster BSB, HCRF, CRL, ECW, GeoTIFF, TFW, JPEG2000, MrSID ... Grab background geometry or digitise from raster

4 Product Based

5 Import and Map to S-57 User customisable mapping files
DNC > ENC and reverse AML 1.0 > 2.1 CARIS feature to S-57 (fea2obj)

6 More Tools Object Import Utility Clip and Copy to Scratch layer
Extensive Spatial and Object Editing Tools

7 Validation Validation Tests S-58 and User customisable XML

8 Future Plans - Version 2.0 June 2008 Create S-57 Updates and Reissues
Major rewrite of CARIS S-57 Update creation technology ‘Pilot Chart’ Creation aka BathyENC, High Density ENC etc ... Automatic conflation of HPD (‘Base cell’) and BDB (new bathymetry) data into the product Automatic connection and extraction from HPD and BDB Also used for CLB AMLs Create New Edition from ‘template’ Use S-57, HOB or CARIS HOM files to easily start a product Populates metadata and imports data ‘ready to go’

9 Some Future Plans Version 3.0 Version ?
Automatic creation of Meta Objects from external Metadata sources GUI Editor for XML support files (catalogues, profiles etc) CARIS NoteBook Markers integration Version ? Tight integration with CARIS HPD ENC and AML Editors


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