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Introducing ArcGIS Desktop

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1 Introducing ArcGIS Desktop

2 ArcGIS Desktop is a GIS software product line
ArcReader Lets you view and print digital maps created by others ArcView Query, analyze, and overlay layers ArcEditor ArcView + additional data creation and editing tools ArcInfo ArcEditor + additional set of spatial analysis tools ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo share a common user interface and can freely exchange maps and data GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

3 ArcGIS ArcGIS is composed of three Programs ArcMap ArcToolbox
ArcCatalog GE110 Fall 2009 Week 1 Lab Thursday

4 ArcMap ArcMap is the primary program you will be working with in class
Display Data Edit Data Query Attributes Conduct Spatial Analysis Design Maps for Output GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

5 ArcMap ArcMap has a data view for creating,
symbolizing, and analyzing maps ArcMap also has a layout view for composing maps for printing. You can add titles, scale bars, legends, and other elements GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

6 ArcToolbox ArcToolbox is the Program you use for many Analysis, Conversion, and Data Management functions Most Used Toolboxes 3D Analyst Analysis Conversion Coverage Data Management Spatial Analyst GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

7 ArcCatalog ArcCatalog is the application used
to browse and manage spatial data Create, Copy, Rename, Move Data Search, Preview, and Manage Data Create and Update Metadata Conduct Basic Processing of Data NOTE: you must use ArcCatalog to create new files GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

8 Extending ArcGIS Desktop
You can augment the capabilities of ArcGIS Desktop with specialized extension products that are fully integrated with ArcGIS Desktop. ArcGIS Spatial Analyst – maps and analyzes measured data as well as allowing you to represent, query, and summarize. ArcGIS 3D Analyst – gives you the ability to see spatial data in three dimensions. GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

9 Exploring ArcMap ArcMap is an application for displaying maps and analyzing data. The ArcMap application window consists of a map display for viewing spatial data, a table of contents for listing the layers shown in the display, and a variety of toolbars for working with the data. Leave ArcCatalog open GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

10 ArcMap - Layout Main menu toolbar Standard toolbar Catalog window
Table of contents Search window Tools toolbar You can change the way ArcMap looks to suit your preferences and the kind of work you do. Toolbars can be hidden or shown. New commands can be added to them. They can be docked at different places in the application window or can float independently of it. Map display Draw toolbar GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

11 Exploring ArcCatalog ArcCatalog is an application for managing geographic data. You can copy, move, and delete data; search for data; look at data before deciding whether to add it to a map; and create new data. GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

12 ArcCatalog - Layout Main menu toolbar Location toolbar Standard
Geography toolbar Metadata toolbar Catalog display (preview mode) Catalog tree GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

13 Spatial data comes in many different formats
Geodatabases Coverages Shapefiles CAD files (computer-aided design) Rasters TINs (triangulated irregular networks) Each format is identified by its own icon in ArcCatalog GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

14 ArcCatalog gives you more information about spatial data than you can get from Windows Explorer or other file browsers. It can show you which folders contain spatial data and what kinds of spatial data they contain. It lets you preview features and attributes of data before you add the data to a map. GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

15 let’s have some fun GE110 Fall 2010 Week 1 Lab Thursday

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