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What is E-Commerce???.

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1 What is E-Commerce???

2 E-Commerce E-commerce:
A business model that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network typically over the internet

3 E-Commerce Transactions included in E-Commerce: telephone fax
credit card & debit card television shopping and the Internet

4 Basic E-Commerce Model
Computer Based Business Venture Satisfying Customers through E-Commerce Accessing the World Wide Web

5 E-Commerce E-commerce Basic Features: An exchange of goods or services
An exchange of payment for those goods/services Transactions conducted through digital technology (internet/phone)

6 E-Commerce vs. E-Business
What is E-Business? E-business is a broader use of the Internet than e-commerce It is a way to electronically deliver customized information about organizations, their products and services Transactions within an organization

7 E-Business Examples are: internal employee communications,
automated inventory control systems, recruiting and employment

8 E-Business Types of E-Commerce Business to Consumer (B2C)
Most common type of e-commerce Sell a product/service to the consumer (end user)

9 E-Business Business to Business (B2B) Transactions between businesses
Includes everything: office supplies to inventory Example: an office ordering supplies through a Web site

10 E-Business Consumer to consumer (C2C) Transactions between people
Sell items/services through an intermediary (Web site Some sales are auctions others have a fixed or negotiated price. Examples ebay, kijiji,

11 E-Business M-Commerce Mobile commerce
Through a cell phone or another type of mobile device Examples: buying movie tickets or online banking with your cell phone

12 E-Business Generating Extra Revenue in E-Business
Selling your products online Sell space on your Web site (small ads on a site) Charging a fee for information on your site (, elibrary) Transactions fees (paying for Toronto parking ticket $2.50)

13 E-Commerce References:

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