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B4 e-h Pig.

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1 B4 e-h Pig

2 What’s wrong with this food chain?

3 Arrows pointing wrong way

4 How do you work out biomass?

5 Number of organisms x average (dry) mass

6 List 2 ways energy is lost as you move up a food chain

7 Some parts don’t get eaten
Some lost as faeces Some used in respiration (movement, keeping warm etc)

8 Why can farmers make more money by keeping battery hens in cages than they can from free range?

9 Less energy is lost in moving and keeping warm so farmers can feed them less

10 Name 2 biofuels

11 Biogas (methane) Bioethanol Wood

12 How do you make biogas?

13 Fermentation By bacteria In a digester

14 Why do farmers use pesticides?

15 So pests don’t eat crops
(Less of the crop’s energy is lost to pests is a better answer)

16 What is biological control?

17 A natural predator eats the pest

18 What are the advantages of biological control?

19 No toxic chemical Useful insects not harmed Top predators not poisoned

20 What 3 conditions do decomposers need to grow?

21 Oxygen Water Warmth

22 Why does adding sugar or salt preserve food?

23 Removes water using osmosis

24 Name 2 uses of decomposing microbes?

25 Making compost Breaking down sewage

26 How does carbon get into plants?

27 Photosynthesis

28 List 3 ways carbon is put back into the atmosphere?

29 Respiration by animals
Respiration by plants Respiration by decomposers (decomposition) Combustion

30 Why is there more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in the winter?

31 Less photosynthesis (fewer leaves)
More combustion (heating)

32 What other element is recycled in nature?

33 nitrogen

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