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To Halton Youth Service 

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1 To Halton Youth Service 
Welcome To Halton Youth Service

2 What is a C-CARD Scheme? A C-Card (Condom Card) Scheme is a coordinated free condom distribution network. It provides quick, easy and confidential access to condoms, supported by nationally produced young people’s sexual health materials. It also provides training to all its service providers, reinforcing good practice in their sexual health work with young people, as well as improving inter-agency networking.

3 Aims of the Scheme To support young people within identified target groups to make informed choices regarding their sexual health. To increase the availability, accessibility and acceptability of condoms and information on sexual health issues to young people, thus enabling them to make better informed choices about their sexual health and practice. To ensure that young people within the target groups who access the scheme are aware of appropriate sexual health services available in Halton.

4 Objectives of the Scheme
To establish a partnership between a broad range of statutory and voluntary services, local colleges and schools in order to establish a condom distribution scheme. To set up a condom distribution scheme in community settings and with key workers who work regularly with the target groups To train and support key workers identified within the scheme to give sexual health information, to distribute condoms to young people within identified protocols and to refer young people who require support to local sexual health services

5 Objectives of the Scheme
To encourage condom use by sexually active young males within identified target groups To ensure that issues raised within the monitoring and evaluation process within the scheme are fed back to the Youth Service.

6 Key Principles of the Scheme
The following principles will be consistently applied and monitored: Staff working within the C-Card Scheme will ensure that the confidentiality of service users is respected and ensure that service users’ right to privacy is also respected. The service provided will be a confidential one. Services provided will be accessible, non-judgemental and welcoming, valuing and respecting the diversity of the young people. Services will be sensitive to the needs of all service users, irrespective of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability or age

7 Key Principles of the Scheme
The C-Card Scheme will be responsive to the needs of service users and will keep up to date with new developments The C-Card Scheme will operate within the bounds of accepted best-practice, including but not limited to observance of the Fraser Guidelines

8 Legal Contact for C Card Distribution
Clients Under the age of 16 It is legal for professionals working with young people, including under 16’s, to provide information about contraceptive methods and the importance of using condoms to protect against sexually transmitted infections. This scheme requires its participating agencies to provide sexual health information to young people under the age of 16 and to give condoms if they are sexually active.

9 If a client who is under 16 presents you must:
• Check they are Fraser competent (see next slide) • Ask the young person if they have anyone to talk to about sexual health concerns and encourage them to talk to their parents or carers • Remind them about confidentiality

10 The Fraser Guidelines The Fraser Guidelines are a set of legally prescribed criteria used by health professionals to help them decide whether contraceptives should be given to an individual under the age of 16. They have been universally adopted to support good practice in the distribution of condoms and help to safeguard young people.

11 Criteria adapted from the Fraser guidelines
When distributing condoms and talking 1 to1 with young people the following criteria adapted from the Fraser guidelines must be considered: Is this young person likely to begin or continue having sex with or with out contraception? Is it within their best interest to get some advice or condoms from you? Have they understood the information and advice you have given them, including the consequences of their choices? Can they be encouraged to inform their parents or a guardian about the advice they are seeking?

12 Safeguarding and Child Protection
If you have any concerns about Safeguarding and Child Protection you should in the first instance speak to your line manager and follow your organisation’s Child Protection and/or Safeguarding Procedure

13 How the scheme will operate
In order to obtain a C-Card a young person must first attend an initial consultation or assessment. This will take place at an identified C-Card Assessment Point and will be carried out by a worker who has attended the C- Card assessment training session. It is necessary for the C- Card scheme to be monitored. The information collected will help target future promotion of the scheme and inform the monitoring and evaluation process. However, confidentiality is paramount and anonymity will be ensured. The following information only will be collected at the assessment: Date of Birth Gender Postcode where young person lives Date of attendance Ethnicity C-Card Unique ID number allocated Mobile phone number (optional) Having entered all this information onto the C-Card Registration form the Assessor adds their name, job title, place of work and signature. The Scheme is available to young people aged years. If a young person is under the legal age of consent (16), Fraser Guidelines will be applied. Age / Date of Birth will have to be taken at face value, and discretion/professional experience is advised.

14 Issuing C-Card Card Once the Assessment is successfully completed, a C- Card will be issued. Each C-Card carries a unique ID number. This number is displayed on the C-Card and will be used for monitoring purposes. A young person can visit a Distribution Point a maximum of six times using their C- Card, before needing to be re-seen by a C-Card trained worker and having their card renewed. Cards are valid for 3 months. This process means that the young person will continue to receive support for the decisions they are making around their sexual health and provide additional information if so required

15 Registration process: 12 step protocol:
Process for C Card Registration process: 12 step protocol: 7. Basic Safer Sex Information 8. Condom Demonstration 9. Range of condoms 10. Emergency Contraception 11. Other services that can help 12. Issue card and expiry date 1. Introduce yourself 2. Explain Confidentiality 3. Date of birth/Age/Ethnicity 4. Explain how the scheme works and explain suitability 5. Fraser Guidelines (under 16’s) 6. Safeguarding children concerns

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