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Addictive Behaviour Week 5.

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1 Addictive Behaviour Week 5

2 Exam question Outline and evaluate the biological model as an explanation for the maintenance of one addictive behaviour. (4 + 6 marks)

3 Review of biological and learning models of addiction
Using 4 coloured pens, identify which key terms match with each approach to explaining addictive behaviour.

4 Write a definition of each debate under the heading (using your textbook).
Nature Nurture Free will Determinism Holist Reductionist

5 Debates and the learning model of addiction
Draw where OC, CC and SLT and the biological approach stand on each debate Write one elaborated evaluation paragraph for the learning model on page 25 of your booklets. Extension task: Write evaluation paragraphs for the learning model on all three debates.

6 Exam focus Complete the essay plan using the prompts provided.
Include enough detail for the marks available. Optional: write the essay for homework

7 Homework Complete page 28 of your booklet:
Read the example answers to the exam questions. In the first example there are 5 mistakes – correct them. Mark both answers out of 5 and justify your ideas.

8 Contact me if you have any problems. Next week: Exam feedback and the cognitive model of addiction.

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