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Revising Source Integration. Due Friday Following directions in this assignment will be key. There is a certain layout you must prescribe to in order.

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1 Revising Source Integration

2 Due Friday Following directions in this assignment will be key. There is a certain layout you must prescribe to in order to fulfill the assignment criteria. Analyzing, revising, and discussing three separate sections of the essay where sources are integrated. You will need three paragraphs for each sequence for a total of nine paragraphs.

3 Original 1 Under the word “Original,” paste your original passage. You might want to include a few sentences that lead to the integration and the sentence that follows the source use. Comments 1 The comments section should be a substantive paragraph where you thoroughly analyze your original passage’s source use. Then, discuss the changes. Revised 1 Paste your revised passage here. You do not have the option of not revising any of these sections.

4 First, in paragraph form, evaluate how well these sources are integrated into your text. For example, do the sources as currently used help strengthen your argument? What role do they play? Do they help define a concept, explain or rebut a counterargument? Have you used too many sources, or used a few sources excessively? (See section 15f of your e-handbook for an example of excessive source use.) Next, discuss how you might integrate these sources in a manner that is more effective to your readers. For example, your readers should understand the purpose of the source material. That is, does the source help define, explain, inform, or highlight an idea? If so, consider using phrases such as “The author defines...” or “This article reveals…” A more complete list of these signal phrases is available in section 15b of your e-handbook.

5 Finally, you must discuss the changes that you have made to the passage. Your analysis of these changes ought to articulate what changes you have made and specifically how/why these changes make your use of sources and source integration stronger or more effective. Your justification should discuss each revision specifically, not generally. This is an assignment where thoroughness and the amount of text on the page is a clear indicator of the effort put into the work. Minimal effort will receive a grade that reflects that problem.

6 1) Include the correct number of total paragraphs 2) Include six sentences, and one of the six should be the sentence that follows the paraphrase or quote. 2) Be thorough and specific in the analysis of the current section and in the justification of your revisions. Name changes specifically and discuss their merit and impact. 3) DO NOT forget to label the original and revised passages “original” and “revised.”

7 Grading Rubric C1: Issue Identification and Focus: Has the student made significant revisions? In other words, did he or she do more than change the signal phrase? C3: Sources and Evidence: Have the student’s integrations improved his/her use of sources and evidence? Make connections to the handbook. Refer writers to specific sections to show them how to revise and how to talk about revision. The green boxes are especially helpful in this respect. C5: Own Perspective: Does the student discuss, specifically, the changes and the impact of those changes? Students often want to write something along the lines of "... I incorporated more direct quotes, so now my argument is stronger." They need to discuss why a change is more effective. Students need to understand the analysis is a critical element of this assignment.

8 Grading Rubric C6: Conclusion: Does the student provide an evaluative statement which identifies the stronger passage and gives good reasons for this identification? C7: Communication: Has the student clearly labeled all of the elements of the assignment (original passage, revised passage, and analysis)? How effective is the student’s communication at the sentence level, especially in the revised passages and the analysis? In addition to the above criteria, you should - Note if the writer has included all the elements of the assignment: original paragraph, revision, and evaluation. - Verify that the writer has made the changes that he or she claims to have made.

9 2 Critiques on Classical Arguments due next Monday One of the more persistent problems on the last group of critiques was NOT FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. In groups, analyze how well your previous critiques followed directions. Did you provide specific examples from the text to support your evaluations? In other words, if you said the author synthesized well, did you provide synthesis from the draft to support your opinion? Did you answer all questions? Most of the critiques I graded did not assess the literature reviews purpose against the three purposes listed as appropriate, for example.

10 Direction for Critiques due Monday: Description: After you have read the draft provided, please respond to each of the following prompts as specifically as possible, using detailed examples and select passages from the draft you have read to illustrate your points and validate claims about that draft. Each of your responses should be 100 words in length, for a total of 300 words for each critique. You will be critique TWO different essays.

11 1. Identify the writer’s thesis and then evaluate it for effectiveness. Discuss whether the thesis is specific enough and of appropriate scope for this argument. Explain why or why not and provide suggestions for the writer to help improve the thesis, if the thesis is ineffective. 2. How has the writer structured the argument? Explain in detail whether or not the support for the argument is presented in a logical and persuasive way and whether or not the counterarguments are realistic. Discuss any stronger counterarguments that the writer will need to rebut, if any. 3. Examine the use of the source material. Discuss whether the sources are relevant and reliable, as well as whether they are used appropriately and effectively integrated. Explain to the writer how selecting or integrating sources in a different way might improve the argument, providing examples of revised versions of introducing, integrating, and commenting on source materials.

12 For BA 8: Read Chapter 8 in the textbook 2. 2 : For a participation assignment in class, you will also need to print the example 2.1s on the blog, read them, make notes, and assign them a grade. Finally, don’t forget that we are holding an optional workshop Monday, April 25, from 6-8 p.m. at J&B Coffeehouse, located at 26 th and Boston. Print your work.

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