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Ms. Carolyn Zhang’s Mandarin Class

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1 Ms. Carolyn Zhang’s Mandarin Class
Welcome to Ms. Carolyn Zhang’s Mandarin Class

2 Self-Introduction Education Background (English B.A & Education M.D
Three years in Lower School The relationship between a teacher and a student is a special one --- Respect My classes are places where I invite students to express their opinions and explore the wide world beyond them I tell them that we have a great amount of inner strength and we can influence the future in any way we want.

3 High School Throughout High School our focus is on providing life experience and a more tailored academic curriculum to ensure that all students are prepared for success in their lives beyond School— Prepared to lead, prepared to excel, prepared to impact and prepared to flourish.

4 The teacher provides students with relevant background knowledge
The teacher provides students with relevant background knowledge. It builds a foundation which will facilitate students to better understand how to learn Mandarin well.

5 Students learn better in an environment where they can use the language in a realistic context. Problem solving and information transferring interactions allow students to use the language purposely. The focus for students is on completing the tasks and language provides the means. Limited language forms are used selectively and repeatedly.

6 Help the students bring the learning results they desire.
Destination Help the students bring the learning results they desire.

7 GOOG habit correct method
Listening-Listening Comprehension Speaking-Retelling Reading-Reading Comprehension Writing---Writing Production

8 In Our Intermediate 1 Mandarin Class
Skills Basic Vocabulary/Understanding General--- Grammar/ Reading Intensive--- Speaking/Writing

9 1. Vocabulary 2. Conversation 3. Articles 4. Culture Contents

10 Vocabulary---Pinyin&Radical
A vast amount words and phrases are put in their minds in order to strengthen the understanding of languages. Pinyin can cultivate the students’ their ability to solve unfamiliar characters or words. Radical can help the students analysis the characters and the meaning, not remember the characters by the single trace.

11 Conversation All the dialogues are related with our daily life. They can incorporate their learning into their daily life directly.

12 Articles/Stories The students will learn one appropriate article in Chinese twice a week. Learning different style of articles by reading can expand their global vision and strength their writing ability.

13 Chinese Culture Chinese Folk Customs
Special Topics/ Fables on Ancient Chinese China Idioms such as xiē hòu idioms Chinese Calligraphy Chinese Classical Film

14 Aim.1 Listening and Repeating
Let the students love, be excited and confident to speak in Chinese. Aim.2 Listening, speaking and reading It’s the first time for the students to learn how to analysis stories between lines systematically. Aim.3 Listening, speaking reading and writing The students are encourage to conclude the general idea after listening and rewrite a short passage after reading. Aim.4 Solving problem skills The students will try to use a dictionary or internet to solve problems during the learning process. Aim.5 Four skills The learners are able to respond to each level’s (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) focus questions. Objectives

15 Sub Materials Teaching plan Daily Lesson Update Handouts Websites

16 Parents Involvement Improve students…
1.Achievement 2.Attitude 3.Homework 4.Grades 5.Aspirations

17 Thanks for Your Time

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