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English Language New Senior Secondary Curriculum.

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1 English Language New Senior Secondary Curriculum

2 Aims of the three-year NSS English Language curriculum Increase language proficiency for study, work and leisure; Develop subject knowledge, generic skills, learning strategies and positive attitudes for lifelong learning; and Enhance personal and intellectual development, cultural understanding and global competitiveness in a rapidly changing knowledge-based society.

3 Design of NSS curriculum S6 Compulsory Part (75%) About 305 hours Elective Part (25%) About 100 hours S5 S4

4 S4-6 Compulsory Part To adopt task-based approach to language learning To apply the organising structure of Modules, Units and Tasks to facilitate the learning of the four language skills, grammar, communicative functions, vocabulary and text-types. Module Study, School Life and Work Unit 1 Through Students’ Eyes Task1 Peer Counsellors Task 2 The School Paper Task 3 English Task 4 How Do You Enjoy School? Unit 2 Part-time Work? Task 1 Career Week Task 2 Making the Right Choice

5 Modules to be covered: Teen Life and Beyond The World Around Us Animals and Nature Leisure & Entertainment S4-6 Compulsory Part

6 Elective Part Language Arts Learning English through Short Stories Learning English through Poems & Songs Non-language Arts Learning English through Social Issues Learning English through Debating Students are required to take three of the modules, with at least one from each group

7 ElectivesWhen to be covered Justifications Learning English Through Poems & Songs (Compulsory) NSS 2 Reading Paper has element of poems and songs Learning English Through Social Issues (Compulsory) Provide a basic understanding of current issues which is essential to preparation for all papers and Liberal Studies Learning English Through Short Stories (Elective)NSS 3 --- Learning English Through Debating (Elective) --- Elective Part

8 Teaching Schedule YearContentNo. of lessons per 6-day cycle Approximate No. of hours S4Compulsory Part 8145 S5Compulsory & Elective Part 8145 S6Compulsory & Elective Part 8/9115

9 Assessment: HKDSE ComponentWeightingDuration Public Examination (External Assessment) Paper 1 Reading20%1 ½ hrs Paper 2 Writing Part A – Short guided task on the Compulsory Part Part B – Long open-ended task on the Elective Part 25%2 hrs Paper 3 Listening & Integrated Skills30%2 hrs Paper 4 Speaking Part A – Group Interaction Part B – Individual Response 10%20 mins. Internal Assessment School Based Assessment - Group Interaction -Individual Presentation covering both the Compulsory and Elective Parts 15%

10 Levels of Performance Minimum requirements of local universities

11 A typical candidate at Level 5 : Develops ideas well in writing, and generally writes in a way suitable for the purpose in both style and content; uses accurate spelling and punctuation, and mainly correct grammar; uses a wide vocabulary, and appropriate paragraphing. Reads a range of texts with understanding; follows the development of arguments in texts; has a wide vocabulary and is usually able to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words; can follow detailed written instructions, and select appropriate information from texts to complete a task. Can understand spoken English at near-normal speed, in both familiar and some less familiar accents; interprets speakers’ stress and intonation to identify their attitudes and intentions; takes relevant notes while listening to a speaker. Expresses a range of ideas, in clear and well-pronounced. Expresses a range of ideas, in clear and well-pronounced English; can hold an extended conversation in most situations; participates actively and constructively in discussions.

12 Design of Papers 1 and 3 The graded approach is adopted. Students must complete the compulsory section and answer either the easier or more difficult section. Students attempting the compulsory section and the more difficult section will be able to attain up to the highest level of performance, i.e. Level 5** Level 4 will the highest level attainable by students attempting the compulsory section and the easier section.

13 School-based Assessment Students will read/view a number of texts (including books, films and documentaries) over the course of study and study three elective modules. They will take part in group discussions and make individual presentations based on what they have read/viewed, and what they have learned in the elective modules.

14 SBA Requirements PartsWeightingNo. of Assessments TimelineReporting Marks Part A10%At least 2SS2 & SS3 2 with at least one mark each based on group interaction & individual presentation Part B5%At least 1SS31 (either group interaction or individual presentation based on the Elective Part)

15 Further Information For details of the English Language requirements for university entrance under the “334” academic structure, please visit the Education Bureau’s “334 Web Bulletin”:

16 Practice Makes Perfect

17 Thank You

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