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J.E.W.E.L : P4s Just Excited With English Language 21 January 2011 RVPS.

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1 J.E.W.E.L : P4s Just Excited With English Language 21 January 2011 RVPS

2 Question Do the pupils need to know the content of the story to answer the questions – like in Literature? Ans : No. We are using the text as a sample of good standard English

3 Question Why use story books when there are text books and assessment books? Ans: The story makes it easier for students to understand the passage and provides continuity. More associated vocabulary can also be mined from the text.

4 Question Why were these specific books chosen? Based on school values of RICE, Respect, Integrity, Compassion & Excellence & themes like Family and Loyalty Good story, classics Different settings Possibility of reading further

5 Objectives of the programme Expose pupils to authentic texts Provide language learning within a context Foster greater engagement in EL learning Develop an enjoyment and love for reading in general

6 Question Will this programme cover all the learning objectives of the English syllabus? Follows the MOE EL Revised 2010 syllabus

7 The Work Per Semester Teacher-created worksheets JEWEL Worksheets Graphic Stimulus, Comprehension Exercises; and Grammar, Vocabulary Cloze and Synthesis Exercises “English Grammar for Students (Learner Publishers) “Exploring Reading” – Comprehension skills Composition tasks set by the teachers Oral Presentations and ICT based lessons

8 Question How can a weak child cope with this type of learning? - Explicit teaching will be done on the components of the assessment papers; - Work has been differentiated; - More opportunities for weaker students to hone their English skills at their own pace. (Confidence building)

9 How should I teach my child English so that it is in line with what is being taught in school? Read to him/her Encourage to read more Check on his/her grammar in everyday speech Encourage him/her to write but with a purpose

10 Other ways… Encourage him/her to analyze the situation and develop an opinion on issues Encourage him/her to expand his/her general knowledge Engage him/her in short discussions on topics he/she is interested in.

11 How to encourage my child to read? Read the book to them Read the book and link the experiences from the story in the book to real life. Teach grammar & vocabulary through the understanding of the text

12 Other Ways … Talk to him/her about books you enjoyed for their plots or characters Do give him/her a range of titles and genres to browse through Have a parent-and-child reading time to enjoy a book together

13 How can the children get the books? - “Family Under the Bridge” – bookshop - “The Man in the Iron Mask” – bookshop Do the worksheets come with the books? - Worksheets will be issued by teachers for both Semester 1 and Semester 2.

14 Research into characters, understanding other cultures

15 And they did it all by themselves (mostly)



18 The Man in the Iron Mask Exercising the imagination


20 Thank you for your time

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