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PR and The Visual Conference A Storyboard for Youtube.

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1 PR and The Visual Conference A Storyboard for Youtube

2 Opening shot LCC A colourful attention grabbing image of LCC and staff completing the finishing touches such as putting seats in to position, standing by the front of house and screen grabs of Twitter and Facebook updates about the event.

3 Welcoming Attendees The second shot would feature attendees entering the building in a happy manner, with people connecting and socialising with one another. This gives a good impression of both the university and the event itself. It would show various schedules for the day with clear sign posts for each workshop and discussion for people to attend. A person would be mingling amongst the crowds chatting and interviewing various guests asking why they’ve chosen to attend the event and what they want to see.

4 Guest Speakers A shot showing various guest speakers talking and interacting with their audience will be shown. Questions and answers will be shown and the atmosphere should be shown in a relaxed, enjoyable light.

5 Technical Workshops All the workshops will be filmed throughout the day and shown in the video focusing on attendees learning a new skill, whether that’s learning how to use a certain camera or video editing skills. A shot of all the equipment LCC has to offer, which will be designed to also show the university in a positive light.

6 Drinks Reception This final shot will show people leaving the main hall and entering the canteen where drinks will be held for all attendees. People will be in good spirits and guest speakers will be shown speaking to attendees. Final shots of people saying how they found their day will be shown, and what they enjoyed most from the event.

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