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World War II By: Aaron Reavis 1 st period Coach Bare.

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1 World War II By: Aaron Reavis 1 st period Coach Bare

2 Why I am interested I am interested in World War II because, World War II is said to be the bloodiest conflict in history and I always wanted to learn more about it. I also know a World War II Veteran that has told me about the war and showed me pictures of the war that made me more interested in learning about it.

3 How World War II Started On September 1 st, 1939, Hitlers Germany invaded Poland without warning, starting World War II. By September 3 rd Britain and France declared war on Germany. In less than a week Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa joined the war.

4 The Axis Powers Germany ItalyJapan

5 Allied Powers Great Britain, The Soviet Union, and the United States were known as the allied powers even though there were more such as: Australia France New Zealand Canada South Africa Poland Greece Holland China

6 How America Got Involved in the War On the morning of December 7 th, 1941, the Japanese Navy unleashed a surprise attack on the U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The very next day on December 8 th, 1941 America declared war on Japan. Three days later Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.

7 D-Day in Europe On June 6 th 1944 at 0200 hours (2 a.m.) one British and two American Airborne divisions parachuted behind the beaches of Normandy, France in order to assist seaborne forces. After intense air and naval bombardment, waves of troops began landing at 0630. More that 4000 ships landed on the shores of Normandy and by nightfall the allied forces gained control of the beaches.

8 Hitlers Death On May 2 nd 1945, Adolf Hitlers body was found in a bunker in Berlin Germany, where he committed suicide. Also on May 2 nd the German army at Berlin surrendered.

9 Surrender of the Germans With Hitler dead and Berlin under the control of the allies, the war in Europe was almost over. On May 7 th, 1945 Germany surrendered and the next day was called V-E day or Victory in Europe Day.

10 Surrender of the Japanese On July 26, 1945, the Allies issued a demand for Japans surrender. When the Japanese ignored the demand Harry S. Truman decided to use the atomic bomb. On August 6 th, an American plane dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese City of Hiroshima and 70,000 people were killed. The Japanese still didnt surrender. On August 9 th, the Americans dropped another atomic bomb over the City of Nagasaki and 75,000 people died. On August 15 th, 1945, Japanese emperor Hirohito surrendered, this date is now known as V-J Day.

11 Casualties AlliesAxis CountryMilitary Dead Country Military Dead China1,310,000 Germany 3,500,000 France213,000 Italy 242,000 Great Britain264,000 Japan 1,300,000 Soviet Union11,000,000 United States292,000

12 References in_page=product_info&products_id=355 in_page=product_info&products_id=355 in-europe/war-in-europe-index.htm in-europe/war-in-europe-index.htm North Carolina World History Human Legacy page 832-863

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