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World War II Vlowe, 2011.

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1 World War II Vlowe, 2011

2 Before the war Great Depression hurt all countries of Europe
Hitler became the leader and promised to make Germany strong again Dictator someone who has complete control of a country, No one can act or speak against that person Arrested Jews for no reason (different religion) He blamed Jews for Germany’s problems Prison called concentration camps More than 6 million were killed, Holocaust, gassed, hanged, shot, worked or starved to death, diseases Germany was weak and poor after the war Nazi party was elected to power in 1932, Hitler that Germans were the smartest and most powerful people and would rule again

3 Preparing for War Other dictators Benito Mussolini (Italy)
Germany, Italy and Japan wanted more land Germany took over countries in Europe Italy went to war with Africa Japan took over parts of China These three countries agreed to help each other known as the Axis Powers

4 World War II Hitler demanded Poland give Germany some land, because Germany had lost this land in WWI Afraid, asked Great Britain for help if Germany tried to attack them. He attacked Sept. 1939, then took control of Poland, later Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France Great Britain and France announced they were at war with the Germans (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada) Winston Churchill prime minister of Great Britain Joseph Stalin leader of Soviet Union, signed a secret treaty. U.S. didn’t want to get involved Japanese decided to bomb Pearl Harbor thinking this would keep the United States out of the war. Fear of Japanese American helping Japan attack U.S., they were sent to internment camps Japan attacked Hong Kong, Shanghai, Philippines, Thailand, Guam and Malaya who were controlled by U.S. and allies Lost homes, businesses, gave them 20,000 who spent time in these camps because it was unfair

5 WWII U.S. joined the Allies (Great Britain, Soviet Union and other countries that fought the Axis. Ended Great Depression Factories receive more business of making tools, tanks, guns and other weapons. Women went to work in the factories Goods were rationed (government limited what a family could buy) Families grew vegetables on farm (called victory gardens) to send to the soldiers Children collected tin cans, to help make weapons, and peach pits Limits were enforced, not crucial to survival was hard to get. Butter, sugar, and meat short supply : meatless days,

6 War in Europe Took back countries that Germany and Italy had taken
Hardest battle along the beaches in France. Germans knew they would go through France to get to Great Britain, built forts to try to keep them from landing. Sent 2700 ships, flew plans and landed behind the Germans. This day known as D-Day, largest sea attack Led by General Dwight Eisenhower Freed the prisoners in concentration camps, horrified Upon reaching their Hitler killed himself, then the German army gave up V-E day (Victory in Europe Day, May ) Allies hardest fight, lasted about a year (reach Berlin, Germany capital)

7 War in Pacific Japanese thought they were the best, smartest and strongest. Leader Emperor Hirochito, thought he was GOD Kamikaze attacks, flying planes into the allies. The U.S. rebuilt its navy and sent troops to Pacific ocean to fight the Japanese, who had taken over many of the islands. Flew from the large ships called aircraft carriers. Planes attacked the Japanese on islands while the soldiers tried to land on the beaches British, Chinese, Australians were fighting in east of India and south of China (Southeast Asia) Bigger than all of Europe Planes were slower, couldn’t go as far as now Needed landing strips,

8 Atomic Bomb April 1945, President Roosevelt died and Truman took over.
Thought the European war would end soon but Pacific war would go longer , Used this bomb to make the Japanese to give up on August 6, 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan Japan still did not give up U.S. dropped another atomic bomb three days later in Nagasaki Victory over Japan Day ,( V-J day.) General MacArthur accepted the surrender Over 100,000 people killed

9 Change Roles in Society
Middle class women took on jobs Soldiers came home took back their jobs More women in the workforce as teachers, nurses Tuskegee Airmen, AA pilots fought with 332nd Fighter Group in Army Air Corps First AA pilots in the US military 1942, United Nations, 26 Allied nations, make sure there would not be a WWIII. Negotiates peace and war. Meat in Dumbarton Oaks, Washington, D.C.

10 Quiz How much do you know????

11 Question 1 The name of the German dictator was Winston Churchill
Adolf Hitler Franklin Roosevelt Benito Mussolini

12 The Axis Powers included
Question 2 The Axis Powers included

13 Question 3 The United States entered World War II because
Japan bombed the United States Navy. Hitler put people in concentration camps. Germany bombed Great Britain It was one of the Allies

14 Question 4 D-Day was a battle on the beaches of A. Italy B. Japan C. Germany D. France

15 Question 5 World War II ended in 1941 1943 1944 1945

16 Question 6 The war in the Pacific ended because
Aircraft carriers attacked the islands Atomic bombs were dropped on Japan Adolf Hitler died Harry S. Truman was President

17 Answers German dictator was B. Adolf Hitler Axis Powers included A. Germany and Japan U.S. entered the war because A. Japan bombed the U.S. navy D-Day was a battle on the beaches of D. France. World War II ended in D The war in the Pacific ended because C. Adolf Hitler died

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