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Key Events of World War II

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1 Key Events of World War II

2 Invasion of Poland: WW II Begins
Nonaggression Pact between USSR and Germany shocks the world (1939) September 1, 1939: Germany invades Poland Blitzkrieg

3 Invasion of France After a short break, in May 1940 Hitler begins further invasions of Western Europe Germany quickly captures Paris in June French government surrenders, but resistance movement tries to fight

4 What caption might the British use with this image in a propaganda poster?
How about the Germans?

5 The Battle of Britain August 1940
Britain is the only unconquered country in Western Europe Intensive bombings and air raids were supposed to pave the way for a German invasion But, the new Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, inspires the country to stay strong “Never…has so much been owed by so many to so few”

6 Before we move on… With your partner, look at the map on page 581 in the textbook Who was most aggressive at the beginning of the war? Who will become more aggressive during the second half of the war?

7 Invasion of the Soviet Union
Operation Barbarossa: Summer 1941 Hitler attacks the USSR, breaking his pact with Stalin Germany has many early victories, but the Soviet winter will eventually be too brutal… (obviously Hitler didn’t study his history)

8 December 7, 1941

9 December 7, 1941 Japan bombs naval Base at Pearl Harbor Why?
Japan had hoped to Destroy the US fleet Force the US to accept their domination in the Pacific Exploit the assumed “softness” of the American people

10 But instead… The US enters the war and joins the Allied forces: ___, ___, ___ against the Axis Powers: ___, ___, ___

11 Pacific Theater The Allied Commander is Douglas MacArthur
The Allied strategy is Island Hopping Fleets moved from island to island rather than attack any mainland sites

12 The Battle of Midway Turning point in the Pacific June 1942
US defeats Japanese navy badly Establishes US naval superiority Kamikaze pilots

13 Stalingrad A major turning point in Europe
The Germans and the Soviets fought a brutal battle throughout the winter of The German army had to surrender and retreat; their defeat was a disaster Hitler said after this battle that, “The Gods of War have gone over to the other side”

14 D-Day (The Battle of Normandy)
Began on June 6, 1944 HUGE Allied assault on the coast of France Gave the Allies a foothold in Western Europe; began to move inland on the final offense against the Nazis

15 Hiroshima and Nagasaki
These two Japanese cities were the targets of the only two atomic bombs ever used in war on August 6 and 9, 1945 Their destruction led Japan to surrender to the Allies Each single bomb destroyed the target city and killed 1000s of people immediately The effects of radiation caused 100,000s more to die later or suffer horrific injuries

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