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AP US History Essays FRQ

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1 AP US History Essays FRQ

2 Introduction -Thesis Statement (your opinion) -Establish time and place -Background Information -Supporting Arguments or introduce the topics of discussion -Identify the opposing viewpoint (the one you are not supporting)

3 Thesis Statement A well developed statement that provides your opinion or response to the question (FRQ).

4 Practice FRQ-1 Explain the theory of Mercantilism and the role it played in prompting Americans to rebel in 1776. (Take a moment and create a well developed thesis statement that responds to this task)

5 Background Information
Establish: Time and Place A historical frame of reference (Use facts)

6 Supporting Argument List the major reasons, to be later developed in the body paragraphs, that defend or support your thesis. Be neat and organized! List the “reasons” in categories that will correspond to the body paragraphs.

7 “Plan of Attack”

8 “Plan of Attack” Practice FRQ-2
List the major reasons(3) that support your thesis statement.

9 Historical and Factual Information Analysis
Body Paragraphs Topic Sentences Historical and Factual Information Analysis

10 Topic Sentences Supports the thesis
Introduces the topic of the paragraph No disguises--

11 Historical and Factual Information
Use facts, details, statistics, and quotes Use analytical sentences (Key term, definition, significance)

12 Analysis Explains the separate part of your argument
Explains the significance of the information you present as it relates to the thesis statement. Always refer back to your thesis statement!

13 “Plan of Attack” Practice FRQ-3
Brainstorm and list 3 to 5 facts that support each of your major reasons from FRQ-2

14 Conclusion “In conclusion” Restate the thesis statement
Summarize your argument Identify a larger historical perspective (do not go off on a tangent)

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