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How to Write a DBQ Social Studies.

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1 How to Write a DBQ Social Studies

2 What is a DBQ? DBQ stands for document based question
One will write an essay forming an argument based on the provided documents One must also include outside information that he/she learned in class to support these claims

3 What type of documents can be included?
Documents can come from a variety of sources including: Diaries Laws Charts, graphs, and maps Treaties Newspaper articles/editorials Executive orders Speeches Political cartoons Letters

4 How many documents must be included?
The directions will state the minimum number of documents that must be included. In Example… “Directions: Write a well-organized essay that includes an introduction, several paragraphs, and a conclusion. Use evidence from at least five (5) documents in your essay. Support your response with relevant facts, examples, and details. Include additional outside information.”

5 How to Cite Documents When writing and referencing information included in a document, one must cite the document at the end of that specific sentence (Doc. A). When including a quote included in a document, one must cite the document, such as when Mr. Marinaccio said, “Please be on time to class” (Doc. B).

6 (Doc. A).

7 What is the historical context?
The historical context provides background information about the time period the DBQ covers.

8 Historical Context Examples: “In the late 18th century and early 19th century, the United States underwent significant political development. Part of this growth as a new country involved foreign policy. Many of the first political leaders decided that neutrality would best help America succeed. ” “Prior to 1865, a major issue that faced the United States was the institution of slavery. Some individuals and groups were against slavery, and they promoted abolition in a variety of ways. During the same time, the government attempted to deal with the issue of slavery in other ways.”

9 Understanding the Task
The task informs the writer what he/she must argue. It is important to know key terms from blooms taxonomy (question words) such as: Explain Discuss Describe Analyze Defend

10 Essay Format If the task requires two arguments, it may be best to include two body paragraphs. Introductory paragraph Body 1 (first argument topic) Body 2 (second argument topic) Concluding paragraph

11 Introductory Paragraph
Must be at least 5 sentences Include: Background information (restate historical context) Definitions of any important terms associated with the topic Thesis statement One-two sentences answering the essay task

12 Body Paragraphs Must be at least 5 sentences Include: Topic sentence
Argument supported by documents and outside information Closing sentence

13 Conclusion Must be at least 5 sentences Include: Restate thesis
Summarize examples Closing sentence

14 Good Luck!

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