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The JJ Way® An MCH System of Care Jennie Joseph LM, CPM Founder, Executive Director.

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1 The JJ Way® An MCH System of Care Jennie Joseph LM, CPM Founder, Executive Director

2 Mission The mission of The JJ Way® is to inspire change in maternal child health care systems worldwide; to re-empower the birthing mother, father, family and community by supporting the providers, practitioners and agencies that are charged with their care. The JJ Way® system acknowledges that every woman wants a healthy baby and as such, endeavors to provide the optimal setting, culture and environment for her best possible pregnancy outcome. Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

3 Vision All Women have the ACCESS, CONNECTIONS, KNOWLEDGE and EMPOWERMENT necessary to achieve their healthiest possible pregnancy, birth and parenting experience Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

4 Jennie's Mission To be the NEW approach to women's wellness by providing inspiration, education, empowerment and support as a means to optimal health and by ensuring that all women have healthcare answers that they can understand. To support the systems changes that will be integral to this NEW approach and to be the source for information and training regarding such changes. Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

5 What is The JJ Way®? An MCH health care system which can be implemented by ANY licensed MCH practitioner, provider or agency Midwives, Nurse-Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Family Doctors, Obstetricians because the outcomes are independent of place of birth - whether home, birth center or hospital. The ‘key’ to the program is providing easy access to quality prenatal care and engaging a TEAM committed to reaching the goal of a full term baby for every mother. Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

6 Services Prenatal and postpartum clinic care Prenatal, breastfeeding and parenting education, referrals and support On-site birthing center birth option Off-site hospital delivery option Limited well-woman healthcare services Limited family planning services We accept Medicaid, Insurance and self-pay sliding scale and ‘no charge’ Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

7 Demographics Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

8 ‘Word-of-Mouth’ Marketing On-site outreach during pregnancy Community outreach by ‘ambassadors’ Community renown i.e. “chunky babies” Community modeling i.e. breastfeeding mothers, baby spacing, motivated mothers, bonded families Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

9 2007- 2008 Outcomes The JJ Way® clients were 42% less likely to have a preterm baby 46% less likely to have a low birth weight baby 32% less likely to have a c-section Compared to the average in Orange County, Florida Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

10 EMPOWERMENT Beautiful! Images of Health, Joy and Vitality in Pregnancy and Birth Acknowledging women Removing judgment and blame Supporting, respecting and encouraging women ‘Being there’ Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

11 Barriers Unwieldy, impenetrable systems Lack of practical information and action steps Shortage of willing providers Lack of funding Leads to lack of ACCESS The JJ Way® has created ‘Easy Access’ to MCH and women’s health services Copyright © Jennie Joseph 2009

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