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Handel Users Group 2008 Conference Meeting Moderator: Jim Drever.

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1 Handel Users Group 2008 Conference Meeting Moderator: Jim Drever

2 Agenda Website – New HUG Section – Requests (content/functionality) – Conference Section: Adding after conference Webinars Requests Suggestions/Questions

3 Website Launched new website in September Less than half the text Simplified navigation (all in one place) On-going project Relevant to this session: All new H.U.G section

4 New HUG Section Unique user login – Security is user-based – Security is also organization Three main pages (for the time being) – Main HUG page – Your organizations page – HUG forum page

5 HUG Page Files repository users can – Upload their own – Read/write descriptions and rate Chat

6 Your Organization Page Synched with Handels RiteTrack – All deployment tasks – All support tasks – Closed in last 10 days or open – Order as desired Forum: Your organization only

7 Forum Page Open forum with all users and employees (not whole world) Open call for moderators, dont hesitate to ask Moderators can create more

8 Demo Website Go to

9 Coming Soon: Conference Page For all attendees, we are adding a conference page All presentations and materials will be available Post-conference attendee list

10 Additional Website Requests Your wish is our desire; what would you like? We are looking for better RiteTrack integration, so keep that in mind as well for new ideas.

11 Webinars Quarterly webinars So far, website, security and ad hoc reporting have been topics We are open to suggestions for future webinars – Outside guests – Training topics

12 Requests Website Webinars

13 Suggestions and ?s What more can we do, even beyond the scope of this conference to make your Handel/RiteTrack experience better? Questions, general or specific?

14 My Contact Information (307) 742-5555 (107)

15 Thanks, See You Next Webinar

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