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ASTM International and PlaceWare Web Conferencing Virtual Meetings Overview.

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1 ASTM International and PlaceWare Web Conferencing Virtual Meetings Overview

2 AGENDA Confirm attendees What is a virtual meeting? ASTM applications for VMs Hardware/materials needed Role of Committee Services Scheduling a VM Tools Training Promotion of VMs Questions/Comments

3 CONFIRM ATTENDEES Presenter needs to confirm attendees Control panel – displays attendees Attendee chats/questions function

4 WHAT IS A VIRTUAL MEETING? Combination of telephone and web conferencing Allows attendees to be connected by sight and sound

5 ASTM APPLICATIONS FOR VIRTUAL MEETINGS Task group meetings to develop draft or revise standard Officer/Executive Subcommittee meetings Strategic planning meetings Training sessions Small subcommittee meetings with limited agendas Other ideas – demo text slide

6 HARDWARE & MATERIALS Telephone Browser Internet connection Plug-ins (for presenters only – download from ASTM website) Agenda Presentation slides (in Powerpoint) Presenter needs any desktop applications to be shared with attendees (i.e. Word draft)

7 ROLE OF COMMITTEE SERVICES Overall responsibility for implementation Scheduling VMs Uploading presentation slides Monitoring VMs Troubleshooting questions Evaluate impact of VM tool Promotion of VMs

8 SCHEDULING A VIRTUAL MEETING Committee member requests via SM Submit committee, topic, time, date, duration, # of attendees, presenters name and e-mail address SM contacts CS to schedule VM CS schedules meeting, issues invitations, loads slide presentation and coordinates with presenter

9 ACCESSING A VIRTUAL MEETING Access from e-mail invitation Embedded URL address OR Detailed step by step instructions IMPORTANT to do browser check the day prior to VM

10 TOOLS Text slide Polling slide White board View web pages live – go to ASTM site Application share – demo Word document

11 TRAINING Placeware Website – Self guided tutorials Live demos weekly Tips on ASTM website CS staff to work with presenters and attendees

12 PROMOTION OF VIRTUAL MEETINGS Include in staff reports for Fall meetings –a handout will be provided Article in SN Module at Officers Conference Poster for CWs


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