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Oracle Applications Committed to Your Success

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1 Oracle Applications Committed to Your Success
Jagdish Mirani Sr. Director, Marketing Oracle

2 Listening to Customers
User Groups Product User Groups Regional User Groups Industry User Groups Advisory Boards Customer Advisory Boards Fusion Advisory Board Executive Contact Executive Roadshows Town Hall Meetings Customer Focus Groups

3 Listening to Customers Top Questions
YES Listening to Customers Our answer Can I stay where I am, and will you support me? Can I get additional value today? Can I move forward when I’m ready?

4 Listening to Customers Moving Forward
Carry forward Functionality Reduce Lifecycle Costs



7 What We Have Accomplished
Fulfilling product commitments PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.9 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.11 JD Edwards World E-Business Suite 11i10 On target for delivery of full architecture specification Leveraging technology heritage Combined IP of acquired companies Total Ownership Experience Organizational progress

8 Commitment To Continuity Direct Path to Next Generation
PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.9, 9.0 E-Business Suite 11i10, 12 JD Edwards 8.11, 8.12 JD Edwards World A7.3, A8.1 and 2006 World release New! – Direct Path to Next Generation PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.8

9 Protection of Technology Investments
iFlex Retek E-Business Suite PeopleSoft JD Edwards User Interface Database Application Servers Operating Systems Hardware Support for all platforms across all application product families



12 Business Drivers Achieving Smart Growth
Product Innovation Customer Satisfaction Relationship Management Cost Management Risk Management Requires complete visibility Requires ability to rapidly change

13 Challenges - The Great Divide Process Information Cost Containment
Constantly changing supply chain Complex operational processes that do not generate any business information No ability to identify costly processes Lack of information – you can’t manage what you can’t measure Regulatory requirements for both, quality of information and quality of process Byzantine undocumented process that are difficult to understand No cross-channel view of the customer Inability to change customer facing processes Employee turnover and training No collaborative forum - fragmented, undocumented discussions Inappropriate balance between exploratory research and structured process The market driven requirement for continuous innovation Customer Satisfaction Risk Management Product Innovation Cost Containment

14 Design & Implementation Of Critical Business Processes
Unification Visibility Into & Analysis Of Business-Critical Information Design & Implementation Of Critical Business Processes Business Insight Adaptive Processes Better visibility into your business Faster response to change Lower investment cost in IT

15 The Fusion Effect Continuous Improvement
The sustainable competitive advantage achieved by continuous blending of business insight and process execution.

16 The Fusion Effect Continuous Improvement
Specialize Rapidly introduce competitive advantage Optimize Benchmark, Monitor, and Streamline Standardize Consistent, accountable, and governable

17 The Fusion Effect Continuous Improvement
Specialize Product Innovation Customer Satisfaction Optimize Cost Containment Standardize Risk Management

18 Achieving the Fusion Effect Project Fusion
The next step in Oracle applications and technology Provides more cost effective integration, flexible business processes and extensibility Fuses processes, people, and products to leverage the best parts of each Embraces a service oriented and standards-based information architecture

19 Extending All Product Lines
PeopleSoft Enterprise E-Business Suite JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JD Edwards World Retek iFlex

20 Project Fusion Design Principles Next Generation Applications
Greatest Business Insight Real-time operational analysis & ability to take action How? New user interface, integrated intelligence Deep and Adaptive Industry Processes Simpler to integrate and customize How? Investment in SOA & components Superior Ownership Experience Goal: Zero downtime, increased automation How? Investment in lifecycle management

21 Extend The Value of Existing Applications Value extenders deliver the Fusion Effect today
Evolve to Next Generation Vertical Specific Processes BPEL Process Manager Open Interfaces Next Releases Process Adaptability Current Releases Dashboards / DBI XML Publisher Discoverer pre-built Reporting Data Hubs Business Activity Monitoring Business Insight

22 Achieve the Fusion Effect with Oracle
Adaptive Processes

23 Roadmap of New Capabilities All Product Lines
Better than the best functionality Smarter Applications More Agility PeopleSoft Enterprise Faster delivery of new business requirements (BPEL) Increased business automation (BPEL) Lower cost of IT operations (Unified stack) JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Real-time fact-based decision making (BAM) Higher quality data for operational and reporting consistency (Hubs) Oracle E-Business Suite Better than the best functionality (SOA) Faster adoption of new functionality (SOE) Fusion Middleware

24 BPEL Process Manager Process Orchestration Engine to design, deploy and manage service enabled, cross system business processes Combines discrete services into an end-to-end process flow Flexible Service Framework to invoke any application as a service Workflow Framework Integrated Monitoring Built- In Integration/ Messaging Process Metrics via Sensors

25 Oracle Applications Open to the BPEL Process Manager
Category ORCL PSFT JDE Business Events 1,081(BES) 90 (AAF) 65 (RTE) Business Processes 4,500 (OWF) 100+ 70+ Business Models BFA 600+ 300+ Web Services 150(DH/OAG) 2,000+ 330 Composite Services R12 R8.48 OWF Event Driven Flow and Control PSFT SOA enabled today JDE Composite Services

26 Customer Data Hub Customer Data Quality Management
A single source of truth about your customers Near real-time data synchronization Data cleansing Key interactions Orders Contracts Service history 360 degree view with pre-built analytics Customer Data Hub Siebel PeopleSoft Microsoft Lawson Broadvision Legacy

27 XML Publisher Integrated Document Management
Oracle XML Publisher Authoring Managing Delivering Your Business Documents Remove Complexity Reduce Cost Checks Invoices XML Publisher Labels Reports Destinations XML / EFT / EDI

28 Contract Alert In Buyer Workspace
Need for contract identified Forecasted Actuals Contracted

29 Service Dashboards

30 Extend The Value of Existing Applications Examples of The Fusion Effect Today
Customer Satisfaction Risk Management Product Innovation Cost Containment SOA Dev - New systems to unify operations: new budgeting, expense reporting, industry specific automation Reporting (XML Publisher) - unify enterprise reporting PSFT CRM (BAM) – unifying multiple call centers EBS (Hub) – synchronizing 10 different transaction systems JDE (BAM) – unifying 5 factories for quality control JDE (BAM) – unifying X service centers for better variants

31 Extend Your Software Investments Fusion Effect Opportunity
Take advantage of current releases PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.9 – Strong Enterprise Performance Management capabilities EBS 11i10 – Deep vertical functionality and embedded DBI JD Edwards – strong demand driven manufacturing and CRM capability Adopt value extenders Operational dashboards XML Publisher Performance Management Discoverer query and reporting

32 Extend Your Software Investments Fusion Effect Opportunity
Leverage Fusion Middleware Business Activity Monitoring – optimize business flows Business Process Management – cross application flows with BPEL Data Hubs New Certifications in 2005 EBS11.5.X – Available Now PSFT 8.4.7, JDE 8.95 – Q4 CY 2005 Retek – Q4 CY 2005 Realize improved Total Ownership Experience

33 Extending Your Software Value
Greatest Business Insight Daily Business Intelligence, EBS11i XML Publisher, E9 XML Publisher, EBS11i Manufacturing Dashboard, E CRM Dashboards, E9 Adaptable Business Processes CRM BPEL, E9 Retek to E9 (BEPL) Data Hubs, EBS11i Enterprise Service Repository Data Hubs, E9 HCM BPEL, E9 Retek to EBS12 (BEPL) Superior Ownership Experience Setup Manager, E9 Rapid Impl. Workbench, EBS11i Performance Monitor, E9 Apps Service Level Monitoring Rapid Start, E1 World Express, JD Edwards



36 Evolve to the Next Generation Design Principles
Unifying architecture Protect functionality: merge the best of best Deeper delivery of The Fusion Effect Greatest Business Insight Adaptable Processes Superior Ownership Experience

37 Evolve to the Next Generation Design Principles - Unifying Architecture
Standards based Service-enabled applications Business analyst-enabled process management Business activity monitoring Robust integration tools Market leading data management with data hubs Centralized security management Unified user interface Leverages the power of the Oracle platform

38 Unified Process Platform
Fusion Middleware Unified Process Platform Business Analyst Tools Unified Modeling & Analysis Tools Single Human / System Engine Business Analyst Designers Action & Condition Editors Business Activity Optimization Service Workbench & Repository Process Modeling & Analysis Process BAM Process Modeler Analysis/Simulation Documentation (Tutor/UPK) Process Design & Execution Notification Editor Activity Guides Approval Manager BPEL Process Manger Orchestration and Workflow Engine Business Event Management Action Editor Data Library Condition Builder ESB Business Events BAM Integration Services Business Service Repository Services Workbench Trading Community Architecture B2B Standards Support Service Bean Framework ESB Adapters

39 Our Navigational Compass: Fusion Builds On Our Fundamentals
The Fusion Effect Provide Greatest Business Insight System design begins with business intelligence Open to information from external sources Most Adaptive and Open Business Processes Integrate with legacy and third party systems Continued industry-specific functionality focus Easily tailorable Leverage industry standards and best practices Best Ownership Experience Total Cost of Ownership Focus on product quality Full lifecycle management

40 Evolve to the Next Generation Design Principles – Superior Ownership Experience
Data migration tools Upgrade guides Impact analysis tools Scoping and upgrade services

41 JD Edwards World Enhancements
Product Roadmap JD Edwards World Enhancements PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.0 JD Edwards Enterprise One 8.12 Oracle 12 First use of Fusion technology Data Hubs and Transaction Bases PeopleSoft Enterprise 8.9 Fusion Architecture Individual Fusion Applications Fusion Applications Suite 2005 2006 2007 2008

42 Path to Fusion A Recommended Approach
1. Protect Current Applications Portfolio a) Leverage Current Applications b) Take advantage of new support policy 2. Extend Value with Incremental Applications a) Upgrade to Current Release(s) b) Add New Application(s) c) Leverage Oracle Fusion Middleware 3. Evolve to Next Generation a) Built on Fusion Middleware in Fusion Architecture Application Suite

43 Path to Fusion Customer Driven Evolution
4. Add new application EBS Financials JDE SCM Hubs BAM PSFT HR BPEL Business Processes Order To Cash Procure To Pay Project To Product SAP R/3 Goal: Add new application Take advantage of new “best of best” functionality Backward compatible with existing investments 5. Oracle Next Generation Applications EBS Financials JDE SCM Hubs BAM PSFT HR BPEL Business Processes Order To Cash Procure To Pay Project To Product SAP R/3 Goal: Oracle Next Generation Application Suite Preserve and deepen existing skills Mature partner ecosystem Oracle can provide portfolio audit services Oracle can provide application management Customer driven evolution 2. Fusion Middleware Goal: Adopt Fusion Middleware Unify and consolidate enterprise data with hubs BPEL and BAM enable processes Components Service Orchestration Event-based BEPL Centralized task notification, consolidation, and management Identity Management Single Sign On Oracle Identity Management Unifies Cross-application View Portal EBS Financials JDE SCM Hubs BAM BPEL Business Processes Order To Cash Procure To Pay Project To Product SAP R/3 3. Upgrade Individual Apps. EBS Financials JDE SCM Hubs BAM BPEL Business Processes Order To Cash Procure To Pay Project To Product SAP R/3 Goal: Upgrade individual applications Take advantage of all (pre-Fusion) investments Adopt more Fusion Middleware Application upgrades will be Fusion Middleware compatible Use On-Demand and get upgrades for free 1. Current Portfolio Current Portfolio Heterogeneous application environment portfolio Oracle and non-Oracle products EBS Financials JDE SCM Business Processes Order To Cash Procure To Pay Project To Product SAP R/3 2. Fusion Middleware


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