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Presentation Title | Date | Page 1 Extracting Value from SOA.

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1 Presentation Title | Date | Page 1 Extracting Value from SOA

2 Presentation Title | Date | Page 2 Demonstrating the ROI for SOA

3 Presentation Title | Date | Page 3 Whats your ROI for SOA? Have you constructed a solid ROI Assessment for SOA? Surveys from attendees to previous webMethods SOA Masterclass

4 Presentation Title | Date | Page 4 Business Case Basics … V o = V n – [£ + T + W] The Value of Opportunity = + New Value Created – Lifecycle Cost of Effort – Time to Implement – Waste & Residual Garbage

5 Presentation Title | Date | Page 5 SOA Promises... Reduced costs V o = V n – [ £ + T + W ] Cost Reduced Value Increased Technical Consistency Reuse of Assets Lifecycle Cost of Effort reduced Composition Rather Than Dev Time to Implement reduced Reuse Waste & Residual Garbage reduced

6 Presentation Title | Date | Page 6 The Cost of Delivering Applications with Reuse Time Development Cost ($) App #1App #2 App #3 App #n Total Cost x By adopting an SOA platform from webMethods, Superpartners is benefiting from the ability to re-use a number of services. We have already seen 30% – 40% re-use of interfaces and services created along with reduced maintenance costs and effort to support business change - Gary Evans, CIO Superpartners.

7 Presentation Title | Date | Page 7 SOA Governance Benefits …

8 Presentation Title | Date | Page 8 SOA – Additional Opportunities V o = V n – [£ + T + W] – Change the balance, change the decision Multi-channel consistency (web, call centre, mobile ….) Assist the move to process centric operations => BPMS + SOA Better context for business users Eliminate duplicate applications/Enable application replacement Customer bonding

9 Presentation Title | Date | Page 9

10 Presentation Title | Date | Page 10 Improved Information Access Nissan Europe achieved integrated SOA- based supply chain via a cost-effective multiphase modernization process, and contributed to an overall vehicle inventory reduction of almost 35% within 3 years. ISSUE: Accurate Inventory Data

11 Presentation Title | Date | Page 11 Delivering Business Improvement To Cox Rapid application delivery Flexible platform for delivering on competitive improvements made in field service capabilities The end result – Significant improvement in customer satisfaction and productivity improvement for FSRs

12 Presentation Title | Date | Page 12 TelecomFinancial Services GovernmentHigh Tech Solution Focus Business Process Management Service Oriented Architecture Proven Methodology Learning from Success in Multiple Industries

13 Presentation Title | Date | Page 13 SOA and BPM

14 Presentation Title | Date | Page 14 SOA & Integration Leave & Layer BPM Technology: The Catalyst Process Modeling & Design Process Modeling & Design Collaboration, concensus Process Simulation Process Simulation What If? Process Execution Process Execution Automation & Coordination Composite Application Framework (CAF) Composite Application Framework (CAF) Codeless Development & Productive Workspaces Business Rules Automated decision-making Process Analytics & Monitoring (BAM) Process Analytics & Monitoring (BAM) Real time visibility $ Analytics

15 Presentation Title | Date | Page 15 Delivering BPM requires access to services Becoming dependent on a service Where are they? How to find the right one? Is it the right one to use? Will it meet my projected usage? Will it it be stable? Will it be impacted by other consumers? Can I trust it? Creating re-usable services Services need constructing/exposing Business programme gives visibility to future consumers and needs

16 Presentation Title | Date | Page 16 The value of BPM and SOA Both SOA and BPM have strategic value to an enterprise But together they provide a more holistic approach to development and operational management Both focus on a business value proposition and focus on a business oriented view into their respective worlds Both create new opportunities for business: Example: 3 week concept to retirement Business cannot waste time in requirements documents, specifications, etc Losing 1 day to get into production is 5% of overall revenue IT must not be in the delivery process IT must have the governance framework in place to assure success Operations must have the governance controls to assure production responsiveness

17 Presentation Title | Date | Page 17 Agility and flexibility

18 Presentation Title | Date | Page 18 SOA business value Beyond system flexibility to processes and relationships. Flexibility A service-based approach creates modular systems which are easier and quicker to change 1 An architecture approach that promotes service designs which are business-meaningful Comprehensibility A service-based approach enables an environment in which IT capabilities can be easily understood and specified by business analysts 3 End-to-end management of the service lifecycle which joins up activities from design to operation Value visibility A service-based approach enables an environment in which system value can be readily understood by the business. 4 Reusability A service-based approach creates software assets which can be reused across projects, making systems cheaper and lower-risk to build 2 A development lifecycle that promotes reuse of services I N C R E A S I N G V A L U E

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