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Link Building. Link Building Workshop How to get Links Co-citation Link building Dos Link building Donts.

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1 Link Building

2 Link Building Workshop How to get Links Co-citation Link building Dos Link building Donts

3 Getting Links This is the hard part! There is no magic formula or magic tricks to get links People Link for 2 reasons: 1. What's in it for me? - Financial Reward - Add Value to my sites, Hitwise Top Logo Site etc - Youll reciprocate and Ill get better rankings 2. What's in it for my users? - They can find other useful resources - We are such a leading supplier, your site would seem improper to your users without me. Cant think of any reasons? Go back to the drawing board. Ask yourself….. What would you link to?

4 How to get links Find sites and join the core Use the Search Engines and look for keywords Find who is linking to them…….use this trick: Find good directories or Search engines … use this trick…… loans add url Content Content Content Asking for links is dull and tedious. Creating content to get links without asking is exciting and fun. Write an article or press release and send this out to other related websites. Websites will include your article if it adds value to their site and users. Spend more time writing content than building link pages!

5 How to get links Buy Links If you can set aside budget then buy some links Does it work? Yes it does! Do search engines like it? No they dont. Buy links from a high authority site and make sure its an on topic site. Charity sites can be cheap! They want sponsorship. Ask them to put the link at the top of page or within content (extra traffic) Useful site: Text Link Ads Inc. currently places ads for a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to individual Web site owners You spend money…..but you get traffic and it improves your rankings

6 Search Engines Identify Link Spamming Search Engines identify blocks of links that maybe advertising They look for anything labeled sponsored links Links in blocks that constantly rotate Links clustered running off to other sites Links containing unrelated words to page Links containing popular keywords, if unrelated to page Pages ending with links.htm etc

7 Someone has linked to you Great! Is that it? Can I just sit back and relax? Not really! You should check: 1. On page relevancy. Is the page relevant to your site? 2. On page placement. Where is the link? Within body text? Footer? Links within blocks of text are more likely to be considered honest and legitimate 3. Anchor text. Search engines do look at the anchor text in links to give them a clue as to what the existing page is about and also what the target page is about. Example: Manage my profile 4. Expertise. Is the page highly regarded and does it link to other useful resources? 5. Honesty & Integrity. Is the page full of links? How easy does it perceive to get links on that page? 6. Check for rel="nofollow" attribute 7. Check the sites robots.txt file for: User-agent: * Disallow: /links/ 8. Click on the link, does it work?

8 Link Co-citation Assumptions A)A hyperlink from page A to page B is a recommendation of page B by the author of page A B) If page C cites pages A and B, then A and B are said to be co-cited by C. Pages A and B being co-cited by many other pages is evidence that A and B are somehow related to each other.

9 Link Building Dos 1. Do you have a good proposition? If you cant think of one dont bother 2. Make an effort to establish personal communication 3. Make it easy for them, send them your HTML code with your anchor text 4. Write an article, press release etc. Make sure you put links (good anchor text) in the content 5. Buy links if you have to 6. Use Anchor text that accurately describes content of your webpage 7. If you have a forum, blogs, guestbook's you should add rel="nofollow" to all the links. Visit My Page If Google sees nofollow as part of a link, it will: - NOT follow through to that page. - NOT count the link in calculating PageRank link popularity scores. - NOT count the anchor text in determining what terms the page being linked to is relevant for. 8. Get a few links from quality sites rather than hundreds of links from really bad sites. This is hard work and will take ages. Is this all worth it? - YES! Its hard work and thats why search engines use it as a criteria

10 Link Building Donts 1. Send hundreds of unsolicited emails begging for links 2. Reciprocation is fine but it should be a valuable one 3. Create link pages on your sire i.e. links.htm or links1.htm, links2.htm etc. Create a page called popular_travel_sites.htm 4. Get links from site that clearly spam or sell links 5. Buy text links all at once. Buy them slow! 6. Link all your sites together if they are unrelated and on the same server 7. Dont sign up to link farms etc, if its free its probably crap! You could harm your ranking if you do any of the above

11 Questions?

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