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By Wang Xianhong Unit 1 Best Friends almost eyesight smart New words:

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2 By Wang Xianhong Unit 1 Best Friends

3 almost eyesight smart New words:

4 bunches

5 1.shoulder-length 2.generous willing to=be ready to 4.true 5.keep a secret 6.tell funny jokes 7.has a good sense of humour ( 有幽默感) 8.singer

6 Learn the words by heart almost 几乎, 差不多 singer 歌手 eyesight 视力 smart 聪明的 shoulder-length hair 齐肩头发 generous 慷慨的,大方的 be willing to 乐意的 be ready to 乐意的 true 忠实的,真实的 keep a secret 保密 tell funny jokes 讲笑话 have a sense of humour 有幽默感

7 A B C

8 A BC


10 Listen to the tape and do true or false statements ( )1.Betty is generous to old people only. ( )2.Betty never gives seats to people on the bus. ( )3.Betty wants to be a dancer. ( )4.Max does a lot of computer work. ( )5.Max’s glasses make him look funny. ( )6.May is a true friend. ( )7.May likes to tell others her friends’ secrets. ( )8.May is tall with long hair. F F F T F T F F

11 Read the passages carefully and complete the chart. NameappearancepersonalityOther information Betty Max May slim,short hair generous,helpful wants to be a singer tall,wears small and round glasses, looks smart,has long legs has a sense of humour, tells jokes to make me happy walks fast small,pretty, has straight shoulder-length hair kind,a true friend, can keep a secret /

12 Discussion: What kind of friend do you think is a true friend? (1)Andy often helps me with my English. (2)Lily is generous,she buys snacks for me every day. (3)Tony always chats with me in class. (4)Daniel plays computer games with me every day. (5)Millie helps me do my homework.

13 A proverb( 谚语) A friend in need is a friend indeed. (患难朋友才是真朋友)

14 game Say something about your best friend in your class,but don ’ t tell his /her name to your classmates, the other students try to guess who he/she is.

15 Useful expressions: tall/short/fat/thin/strong/slim/beautiful/ pretty He/She wears … He/She has …hair.( His /Her hair is …) He /She is(polite/helpful/kind/generous /clever/smart /brave…) He/she (has a sense of humor/ can keep a secret/ tells funny jokes to make me happy/is willing to help others…) Who is he/she?

16 Name : Yao Ming Height : 2.16m Job : basketball- player Birth: 1980 Birthplace: Shanghai Appearance:tall and strong Personality : smart,kind helpful generous Describe Yao Ming

17 Homework Write a short passage about your English teacher.


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