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Unit1 Friends Welcome What is friend ? Who is your best friend ? What qualities does your friend have?

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2 Unit1 Friends Welcome

3 What is friend ? Who is your best friend ? What qualities does your friend have?

4 kind make us happy polite interesting helpful share our joy cleverhonest friendly patient generous

5 What does he /she look like ? What is he/she like? Describe his/her appearance

6 10/20/2015 tall short fat thin strong weak slim good-looking beautiful good-looking handsome smart lovely pretty tidy clean General appearance cool

7 10/20/2015 square face round face long short

8 10/20/2015 Why do you want to make friends with them?

9 10/20/2015 He is the cleverest man in the world. He is very generous, he donates lots of money to the poor.

10 10/20/2015 He is very handsome. He is polite.

11 10/20/2015 She is good-looking. She is also very sunny.

12 10/20/2015 He is kind and generous. He did many good things for people.

13 10/20/2015 He always tells funny jokes He makes us happy. He is hard-working

14 10/20/2015 He is brave and helpful.

15 Nursery school ( 3-5 ) What makes your friend so special? helpful honest keeps a secret makes me happy shares my joy a Does he/ she care about you when you are sad? b Do you talk to him/her when you are happy? C Can you tell him/her everything about yourself? d Is he/ she ready to help when you have problems? e Do you believe what he/ she says?

16 Making a dialogue: A: What makes good friends,... ? B: Well, good friends should be.... You can... because.... A: Yes, that's very important. I think good friends should be... too. They can.... B: Yes, that's true. I also think good friends should be.... A: I agree.

17 Listen and Fill in Blanks 2 Amy thinks good friends should be__________. Daneil thinks good friends should be__________. Amy also thinks good friends should be_________. honest interesting helpful

18 What qualities are important in a good friend? Very important/quite important/not important It is …important for my friend to be… To be … is … important for my friend.

19 10/20/2015 1.Is Eddie a good friend? Why? Yes. He likes sharing with friends. 2.What does Eddie give Hobo? Eddie gives Hobo some milk and a cake. 3.What does Hobo want? He wants to share Eddie’s pizza in the bowl.

20 10/20/2015 Role-play the conversation. the conversation.

21 If you want a friend, be a friend first. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

22 10/20/2015 Summary Friends are very important to every one of us. Good friends will help us to be good, while bad friends will lead us the other way. Please be careful when you make friends---they should be kind, honest, polite and helpful.

23 10/20/2015 更多的一些食物一些喝的对某人谈论一个诚实的朋友保守秘密与我共享快乐使我快乐对某人友好有困难 some more food something to drink talk to sb. an honest friend keep secrets share my joy make me happy be friendly/kind to sb. Have problems

24 10/20/2015 Language points kind : “so” : “ 如此, 太 …” 后跟形容词 e.g. so beautiful, so clever … so hard-working a boy (so + adj. a + n.) = such a hard-working boy ( such a +adj.+n.) 2. have some more food more “ 再,又,另外 ” 数词 +more + 名词 =another+ 数词 + 名词 e.g. eat two more apples =eat another two apples need five more chairs drink some more milk

25 10/20/2015 Language points 3 . What about the pizza ? what about +sth / doing sth e.g. What about some milk? What about playing football ? 4. have something to drink/eat/do /read “ 有喝/吃/做/读的东西 e.g. I’m hungry. Can I have something to eat ?

26 10/20/2015 Language points 5. make sb. special make sb.+adj. 让某人怎么样 make me happy make me sad make sb. do 让某人做 make me laugh My mother makes me get up early every morning.

27 10/20/2015 Exercise 一根据句意和中文提示完成下列句子 1.Is there anything ______ ( 其他的 ) left in the classroom? 2.Do you talk to him when you have ______ ( 困 难 ) 3.They usually ______ ( 分享 ) their joy ______ us. 4. I like reading books and ___________( 杂志 ) else problems share magazines with

28 10/20/2015 二句型转换 1.There is nothing in the fridge.( 同义句 ) There is ______ ______ in the fridge. 2.What other things are on the table? ( 同义句 ) What ______is on the table? 3.You are such a kind man. ( 同义句 ) You are ______ ______ ______ man. 4.We want two more chairs for the party. ( 同义句 ) We want ______ ______ ______ for the party. notanything else sokinda anothertwochairs

29 10/20/2015 同义句转换 : 1. I’m not hungry. I_______ ________. 2. She never tells my secrets to others. She always _______ ________ for me. 3. There’s nothing else in the fridge. The fridge is __________. 4. What else do you know about it? What _____ ______ do you know about it? 5. He didn’t go to work because the weather was bad. He didn’t go to work ______ _______ the bad weather. am full keep secrets empty other things because of

30 10/20/2015

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