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Reading (The First Period) Unit 1 Main task My best friends.

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2 Reading (The First Period) Unit 1 Main task My best friends

3 singer slim round dark brown hair pretty cheerful musical

4 runner square black hair strong sporty

5 Face roundsquare

6 Eyes small big bright( 明亮的) Smiling (微笑的)

7 What does she look like? She has bright eyes.

8 What does she look like? She has smiling eyes. She wears a smile on her face

9 Nose bigsmall

10 What does she look like? She has a ponytail.

11 What does she look like? She has dark brown hair. She is cheerful and pleasant.

12 General appearance fat slimstrongsmart

13 What do you think of him? Personality: sense of humour ( 幽默感) make us happy cheerful friendly helpful

14 Words about people Face:long,short,round,square Eyes:big, small, round, bright, smiling Nose:long,short, big, small Hair :black, dark brown, long, short,shoulder- length,straight,ponytail General appearance: slim, fat, strong, tall,beautiful,smart,good-looking, handsome,pretty,neat,sporty Personality :friendly,kind,polite,happy,hon est,helpful,cheerful,pleasant Abilities:smart,clever,hard-working,musical

15 Describe these stars slim, good-looking shoulder-length hair small, thin brave tall, strong handsome

16 Listening True or false 1. Kate is Daniel’s friend. 2.kate lives far away from Daniel. 3.Kate is tall and fat, she has a square face. 4.She is a smart girl. 5.She wants to be a policewoman when she grows up. ( T ) ( F ) ( T ) ( F )

17 Read and answer(P.20): 1.Who is Daniel’s best friend and where does she live? 2.What does she look like? 3.What is she like? (personality/facts) 4.What would she want to be when she grows up? Kate. / lives next door( to sb) tall/ slim/ a square face/a long nose/ long hair bright,smiling eyes/ pretty She is clever/ has a good sense of humour/kind/cheerful (wear a smile)… She is clever/ has a good sense of humour/kind/cheerful (wear a smile)… like to work with children/ like to work with children/ a good teacher a good teacher

18 Have a try Fill in the blanks Name ______ Face_________ nose_________ Eyes___________ Hair_______ General appearance_________ Personality ___________ Abilities___________ Future plan__________ Kate square long bright, smiling long tall, slim helpful, humourous clever a teacher

19 Main idea Paragraph 1: Paragraph 2: Paragraph 3: Paragraph 4: Daniel ’ s best friend is. Introduce who Describe Kate ’ s appearance Describe Kate ’ s personality Describe Kate ’ s future plans

20 Free talk: your best friend What is his/her name? What is he/she like? (appearance) What’s his/her personalities, qualities and abilities? What does he/she like doing? What would he/she like to do in the future?

21 Conclusion How to write an article 1.Introduction say who is your best friend 2.Main body describe his/her appearance describe his/her personality 3.Conclusion describe his/her future plan

22 My best friend (Outline) _______is my best friend. She lives…. 总体介绍 主体部分 个性品质 : friendly, pleasant, polite, … 外貌 : slim, thin, good-looking, handsome,… 小结 未来计划 :She would like to be a … when she grows up. Introduction Main body Conclusion

23 Sample writing Jim is my best friend. We live in the same building. I have known him for a long time. Jim is tall and strong with black hair. He has a round face, a small nose and big brown eyes. They are always bright and smiling. I think he is good- looking. Jim is always friendly and helpful. When I feel bored or happy, he tells funny jokes and makes us laugh. He is generous. He is ready to share his things with his friends. Jim is musical and acts very well. He would like to be an actor when he grows up. I believe he can become as popular as Jackie Chan and travel around the world in the future.

24 1) Writing: My best friend 2) Guessing: Who is he\she the students write about? A friend in need is a friend indeed.

25 We are always together in our hearts We have many secrets to share When I need you, you are there Your sense of humour Can always make me laugh Thank you for being so generous Let nothing come between us Even when we are far apart( 分开 ) You are always in my heart

26 18. 住在隔壁 19. 她的明亮的带笑的眼睛 20. 面带微笑 21. 喜欢和孩子们一个工作 22. 总体外观 23. 和 … 一样令人兴奋 24. 最健康的活动 25. 正确回答问题 live next door her bright, smiling eyes wear a smile on one’s face like to work with children general appearance as exciting as the healthiest activity answer questions correctly

27 Enjoy your friendship

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