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Warm-up Answer the following question in your notebook after you write down the lesson name and objective: Why and how did the Zhou dynasty decline? What.

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1 Warm-up Answer the following question in your notebook after you write down the lesson name and objective: Why and how did the Zhou dynasty decline? What were the effects of this decline?

2 How did the Zhou dynasty

3 Review After the fall of the Zhou dynasty:
What do you think happened to China? Will people live the same way or change? Why?

4 Daoism, Legalism & Confucianism
Three Philosophies that look at how to get people to behave and how the government should rule the people.

5 Peace Through Ideas • In Time of the Warring States, warlords and kings fought for land • Scholars developed three ways of thinking to bring peace to land - Legalism, Confucianism, Daoism - each was a philosophy—study of basic truths, ideas about universe

6 Station Activity 3 documents
Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism Individually, you will select one at a time DO NOT write on the document Select one at a time Does not matter which order you select them in

7 Once you pick up a document…
Write down the name of the document in your notebook Read the document Write down 3 important facts in your notebook Answer the question at the end of the document ALL IN COMPLETE SENTENCES When finished, turn in the document and select another one until all 3 are completed

8 Paragraph You will write a 5 sentence paragraph describing the 3 philosophies and answering the following questions: Why are these philosophies important? Would China have survived without these philosophies? Why or why not? What philosophy would you follow if you had the choice? Explain why.

9 Warm-up Write down the lesson name and objective
Compare and contrast Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. Use a Venn Diagram, T-Chart, or write a paragraph.

10 Daoism/Taoism

11 Daoism/Taoism Started by a man named Lao Tsu who lived about 600 BCE
Is a philosophy (way of thinking) but turned into a religion Lao Tsu believed that people needed to “go with the flow” (wu-wei) let nature take its course

12 Yin and Yang Believed everything in the universe had a life force- a yin and yang-opposites Yin-dark side- is women, moon, things that are still & death Yang-light side-is men, sun, things that move & birth Must keep the yin and the yang balanced

13 Beliefs… Wrong for people to fight
Wrong for government to make rules and laws Against any kind of rules, diets, etc. Had theories regarding the body, diet, breathing and physical exercises, uses of herbs, philosophical inquiry and meditation. The Taoist feels these ideas bring a human being into closer alignment with the “natural order” of life and living

14 3 Jewels to be sought…. Compassion- awareness of another person’s pain and wanting to relieve it Moderation- avoid extremes Humility- modest, don’t brag

15 Legalism

16 Legalism Beliefs Believed that people were bad and needed to be controlled Religion wasn’t involved Believed society needed strict laws People should be responsible for other people’s actions. Ex- neighbors and relatives should also be punished Scare people into obeying laws

17 Legalism There are 3 parts to Legalism ~fa (law) ~shi (legitimacy)
~shu (arts of the ruler)

18 Fa (law) Laws were written and made public
The laws ran the state the rulers did not Laws were enforced by strict rewards and punishments

19 Shi (legitimacy) Keeping order was the first priority
Anyone could rule as long as laws were in place

20 Shu-arts of the ruler Rulers should not be kind
Being kind leads to failure They need to be strict otherwise people get disrespectful and lazy

21 Confucianism

22 Confucius and Society End of the Zhou Dynasty
Confucius, a man, felt that China was full of rude, dishonest people He wanted people to return to having good ethics

23 Confucius's rules for Families
Fathers should be role models for family Children should respect and obey their parents Families should be loyal to one another

24 Confucius’ Rules for Government
Do not have strict laws Have leaders be good role models for morals and behavior King should inspire good behavior- not scare people into good behavior

25 Confucius Proverbs A man who has committed a mistake and doesn't correct it is committing another mistake. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.

26 Confucius Teachings Confucius traveled all over teaching his ideas
His teachings were put into a book called The Analects Confucianism is meant to guide behavior

27 Activity You know that you are failing a class. If your parents find out, you will be in trouble. How do you handle this situation? Your friend tries to get you to start smoking. How do you handle this situation?

28 Activity (cont.) 3. A student has just found $20 in the hall. What should they do? 4. A student's parents have just spent a lot of money on a new outfit. The student has been playing around and has gotten ink all over it. What should they tell their parents, or should they? 5. A student really likes a new student in school, but all the other students are making fun of the new student's clothes. How should the first student act?

29 Activity (cont.) 6. A student knows that an older brother or sister is cheating on tests. How should the student act? 7. A student sees an opportunity to take something they have really wanted, without being caught. How should that student act?

30 Confucianism 1. Inform parents. Apologize for not living up to standards expected; promise to try and do better 2. Inform whoever was smoking that their behavior was wrong, report this action to the principal, avoid these people until they corrected their wrong doing. 7. Would not take it. It's against the rules.

31 Taoism 1. Not worry about it and hope the problem will go away. (Taoists more probably would try to recognize why they are failing, and do something to change their behavior if it would make them happier.) 2. Announce pleasantly that smoking would make them unhappy because its bad for your health. 7. Would not take it. They would have feelings about it that might complicate their life.

32 Legalism 1. Inform parents, expect and accept punishment. 2. Inform the principal. 7. Would not take it. It's against the law.

33 Time to make up you own situations
Create 5 new situations Ask your classmates how they would react in each situation Write down their responses in complete sentences Determine which philosophy each would fall under BE PREPARED TO SHARE!!!

34 HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: Ask a member of your family how and why they would respond if facing the situations you created in class. Write down your responses in complete sentences. Thank your family for their help. Privately, try to determine if their response and their reason for that response would best fit the expected behavior of a Taoist, a Confucianist, or a Legalist.

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