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Chapter Four A Tradition of Democracy Rights and Responsibilities

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1 Chapter Four A Tradition of Democracy Rights and Responsibilities
~~~~~ Citizen Duties and Responsibilities


3 U.S. Citizenship civil rights are guaranteed to all U.S. citizens by the government all U.S. citizens have important duties and responsibilities to fulfill for the government

4 Duties of Citizenship Duties are actions citizens are required by law to perform duties are the "musts" of citizenship penalties or punishments for failing to perform duties required duties of all citizens are described in the Constitution and in the laws of the country and the states the success of our system of government depends on all citizens' fulfilling these duties Certain actions are the duty of all citizens: Obeying the Law Attending School Paying Taxes Serving in the Armed Forces Appearing in Court

5 Duties of Citizenship Obeying the Law
one of the most important duties of citizenship a system of government can work only if citizens respect and obey the laws important to know what the laws are ignorance of the law excuses no one

6 Duties of Citizenship Attending School
one of the first duties of all Americans is to pursue an education U.S. places a high value on education government provides publicly funded schools guarantees all young Americans the opportunity to study and learn in order to develop their talents and abilities provides people with the knowledge they need to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of citizenship helps ensure that citizens have the skills necessary to join the workforce and promote economic growth ensures freedom and the future of the country

7 Duties of Citizenship Paying Taxes
needed to pay for the many different services provided by the government military defenses, police and fire protection, paved streets, schools, electrical lines, wastewater treatment, and many more collected by federal government and almost all state and local governments

8 Duties of Citizenship Serving in the Armed Forces
duty to help the country if it is threatened defend the United States by serving in the armed forces 18-year-old men must register with Selective Service government keeps track of the names and addresses of all men of draft age ensures that if a war or other crisis requires that the country quickly expand its armed forces the draft could be implemented again Draft = A policy requiring men to serve in the military. draft laws are generally put into effect during times of war U.S. has used only volunteers in armed forces since 1973

9 Duties of Citizenship Appearing in Court
report to serve as members of a jury if called summons – jury duty must testify in court if called as witnesses subpoena – court order the Sixth Amendment right to a fair trial depends on citizens' fulfilling their duty to serve on juries and appear as witnesses 9

10 Responsibilities of Citizenship
Responsibilities are things citizens are supposed to do as good citizens responsibilities are the “shoulds" of citizenship no penalties or punishments for failing to perform responsibilities - only societal consequences important to the success of the country and the well-being of the people Certain actions are the responsibility of all citizens: Voting Being Informed Taking Part in Government Helping Your Community Respecting and Protecting Others' Rights 10

11 Responsibilities of Citizenship
Voting one of the most important rights of U.S. citizens one of the most important responsibilities helps decide who the leaders of government will be helps to determine what actions the government will take the vote of every citizen counts vital way of expressing your political views carries out the constitutional ideal of government by consent of the governed one of the great privileges citizens of the United States have 11

12 Responsibilities of Citizenship
Being Informed citizens have a responsibility to be well informed to cast their votes wisely education helps prepare citizens for this important responsibility should stay informed about current events so that they can better understand important issues should take an active interest in the programs and activities of the government should learn what policies are favored by each candidate running for office should tell their representatives what they think about issues of public concern 12

13 Responsibilities of Citizenship
Taking Part in Government citizens should be involved in their government as members of a political party or as independent voters democratic government cannot truly represent the interests of the minority if too many people refuse to participate and will not share their viewpoints with government leaders some citizens must be willing to serve as officials of government the quality of any democratic government depends on the quality of the people who serve in it 13

14 Responsibilities of Citizenship
Helping Your Community take pride in your community make sure that your community can take pride in you respect others' property take an active part in the affairs of your community give time to help improve your neighborhood, town, or city volunteer your services and time at public places library, parks, schools, youth centers, senior centers help serve poor people or elderly residents who cannot care for themselves cooperate with the police through community organizations Citizens on Patrol, neighborhood watch learn more about your community and encourage others to participate as well

15 Responsibilities of Citizenship
Respecting and Protecting Others' Rights all Americans must take part in defending human rights the success of the United States depends on the protection of the rights of all its citizens citizens play an important role in protecting American civil rights know what rights all people share so you can be sure to respect those rights recognize when people's rights are being violated so you can act to help protect and defend those rights 15

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