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Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of a Citizen

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1 Rights, Duties, and Responsibilities of a Citizen
Chapter 3.2

2 In this lesson, we will: Describe the rights of American citizens
List and explain the duties of citizens Define some of the responsibilities of citizenship

3 Vocabulary Jury of Peers Witnesses Common Good Candidate

4 With a partner: What is the difference between a right and a duty?

5 Rights of Citizens Right to Vote and to hold elected office
Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion Right to a fair trial Right to be protected by your government when in other countries

6 5 Duties of Citizens Obeying the laws Defending the nation
Serving on a jury or as a witness in court Paying taxes Attending school =)

7 Duty #1:Obeying the Laws
Personal safety Make agreements and settle disagreements Protect citizens’ rights No one is above the law in a democracy

8 Obeying the Laws “Rule of Law” – government of laws rather than men/women Officials make decisions based on laws, not personal opinion All treated equally before the law Public laws: available to all

9 Duty #2: Defending the Nation
Help our country defend its self against threats 18 – may volunteer to serve in armed forces 18- men must register for Selective Service

10 Selective Service Does not mean will be called to duty
Only if draft instituted If against a man’s moral belief can request to be reassigned to public service

11 Duty #3: Serving on a Jury or as a Witness
Basic right – fair trial Guilty- MUST be proven “beyond a reasonable doubt” Guilt is determined by a jury of peers

12 Jury of Peers A group of citizens who hear the case and decide whether the person accused is guilty or innocent

13 Witnesses People who have seen events or heard conversations related to the crime Help determine guilt or innocence

14 Serving on a Jury or as a Witness
Our duty: We must if called Law: Can be jailed if fail to fulfill this duty

15 Duty #4: Taxes Taxes raise money to pay for services that citizens ask the government to provide

16 In your notes: List 3 services that our government provides with our tax dollars.

17 Duty #5: Attending School
Required by law to attend Ages vary by state; usually age 6 to 16 Society depends on schools to teach skills needed to be a successful adult

18 Purpose of School To prepare young people to support themselves and contribute to society (Rewrite in your own words) To keep our government going

19 Responsibilities of Citizens
Responsibility: Voluntary Not required by law to do, but important part of being a citizen

20 6 Responsibilities The Common Good Voting Holding Government Office
Election Campaigns Influencing Government Serving the Community

21 The Common Good Basic Responsibility
Citizens are to contribute to the Common Good of society

22 The Common Good For the good of society
Protect rights and freedoms of everyone All responsibilities are connected to this

23 Voting Most important right Vote for all levels of representatives
Vote on public issues Must be an informed voter- “Do your research”

24 Holding Office Choose to make decisions for the people
In your notes, list 3 public offices (Other than President or Vice President)

25 Election Campaigns Help a candidate - A person running for an office
Carrying a sign, stuffing envelopes, making phone calls

26 Influencing Government
Work to get the government to take action Express your opinions on issues Write letters, , speak, join organizations

27 Serving the Community Anytime you do something to make our community better Examples: List 2 in your notes

28 Exit Slip: On a piece of paper
1. Explain the difference between a right, duty, and a responsibility. 2. Rank the 5 duties of government from most important to less important.

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