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Safety & Accident Prevention Measures

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1 Safety & Accident Prevention Measures

2 Group Members Dhanashree Kalamkar 18 Aastha Salaskar 59
Ritesh Karunakar 19 Krunal Madia 58 Sumeet Rao 39

3 Chapter III of Factories Act 1948

4 Chapter III of Factories Act 1948

5 What Will Be Covered in APP
Why have an Accident Prevention Program Rule requirements for accident prevention program Elements of a written program How to implement an effective program Where to get help

6 Why have an accident prevention program (APP)?
It will help to prevent employee injuries on the job. It will help you find hazards before they cause accidents. It will help you deal with accidents if they do occur. By “accidents” we mean events where employees are killed, maimed, injured, or become ill from exposure to toxic chemicals or microorganisms

7 What is an accident prevention program?
A plan of action to: Involve workers and management in workplace safety and health, Identify and control safety hazards, Give new employees job safety orientation,

8 Employee Safety Orientation
A description of total safety program On-the-job instructions on how to do job tasks safely How to report accidents Location of first aid facilities

9 Employee Safety Orientation(con’t.)
How to report safety hazards Use and care of personal protective equipment What to do in emergencies?? How to identify hazardous chemicals and what to do if exposed to them.

10 Safety Committees At least as many elected employees as management-selected members Elected chairperson Cover specific topics Committee determines meeting schedules Keep meeting minutes and attendance Safety Committees are required at the worksite. The number of employee-elected members of the safety committee must be equal to or more than the number of employer-selected members

11 Safety Meetings Assessing potential safety and health hazards to which the workers may be exposed at work place At least one management representative Document attendance and minutes of the meeting shall be recorded Data on accidents as well as data resulting from surveillance of the working environment

12 Training Programs Who? Management Employees What? Basic orientation
Specific machines, processes, skills When? Before doing the work When duties work change When deficiencies are noted Documentation Instructor’s outline Attendance records

13 HUL Safety & Health Policy
Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) supplies high quality goods and services to meet the daily needs of consumers and customers. In doing so, the Company is committed to exhibit the highest standards of corporate behavior towards its consumers, employees, the societies and the environment in which we operate. Vision Our vision is to be an injury free organisation.

14 Occupational Safety & Accident Prevention Principles
All injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable All operational exposures can be safeguarded Safety evaluation of all business processes is vital Working safely is a condition of employment Training all employees to work safely is essential 4 Management audits are a must Employee involvement is essential All deficiencies must be reported & corrected promptly

15 Safety Committee The committee has to ensure that the scope of application of this Occupational Safety Policy is being implemented in all the premises When does it apply? At work (our employees, contractors and visitors) Travel between home and work of our employees Business related travel including stay out of headquarter All Company organized business events i.e. training programmers, conferences, business related get-togethers, annual sports etc.

16 Who does the policy apply to?
All employees at business anywhere Contractors and visitors while at our own sites Implementation Responsibility ? HUL Management at all levels is responsible for Policy implementation. Every site shall prepare a responsibility matrix with respect to this Policy. Such responsibilities shall form an integral part of overall job responsibilities of all employees & are required to ensure strict adherence.

17 Workplace Safety Approximately 115,000 employees make up the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Our goal is to provide every single one of them with a safe place to work. Our employees work in many different settings. Some research new cures in our laboratories. Others manufacture, package and distribute our products. And many work in offices or out in the field. In all of these environments, workplace safety is a value which we operate.

18 Occupational Health Our occupational health team monitors employees on an ongoing basis. Staff members are trained to address any health issue related to an employee’s work. Frequent observation of workers ensures that potential health problems are identified and addressed as early as possible. We also provide on-site occupational health clinics, which give employees immediate access to specially trained medical personnel. Physicians and nurses who evaluate our employees are specialists in occupational medicine in their respective fields

19 Preventing Workplace Accidents and Illnesses
Zero injuries. Zero illnesses. This is our goal. The design of our safety and industrial hygiene programs helps attract and retain a talented, productive workforce, ensures the uninterrupted delivery of our products and protects the communities in which we operate. Safety Programs cover • Machine safety • Electrical safety • Hazardous processes • Contractor safety • Warehouse safety • Fall prevention • Office safety

20 Achievements One of our more successful tactics has been the implementation of a series of Safe Decisions for Life modules & using Six Sigma tools to guide the process Our campaign around fall prevention resulted in a one-year 28 percent drop in these injuries. Awards & Recognitions Johnson & Johnson was selected as the 2005 winner of Robert W. Campbell Award in recognition of excellence in environmental, health and safety (EHS) management. This international award is established by the National Safety Council

21 Think Safety Act Safely Be Safe

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