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How to Be Cool in the Third Grade

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1 How to Be Cool in the Third Grade
Wiki Book Review By: Nathan Lichwalla

2 Characters Robbie is the main character and is starting 3rd grade. He has brown hair and is 8 years old. Robbie lives with his mom and dad. His best friend's name is Doug who is also in 3rd grade. There is a bully named Bo who is also in 3rd grade (but Bo was held back so he should be in 4th grade). Bo is really big and really mean.

3 Settings: The story takes place in the present at school, on the bus and at Robbie's house.

4 Problem: Robbie's problem is that he does not know how to be cool in 3rd grade and people make fun of him at school. His biggest problem is a boy named Bo who is a big mean bully. Bo makes fun of Robbie and calls him "Baby Wobbie". Robbie is also embarrassed because Bo sees his underwear and makes fun of him because he is wearing super hero underwear.

5 Events: The first thing that goes wrong is that Robbie thinks the name Robbie is a baby name and he wants to be called Rob. But his mom writes Robbie on everything and has it printed in big letters on the outside of his pack back. He also did not like the baby clothes his mom made him wear to school because they were not cool. Robbie wanted to wear jeans and a white t shirt. At the bus stop on the first day Robbie was embarrassed because his mom kept taking pictures and kissed him in front of all the kids with her red lipstick. On the bus someone tripped him and he fell into Bo's lap. Bo called him "Baby Wobbie" and everyone started laughing. Bo pushed him down to the floor and Robbie had to get up and run to the back of the bus to sit with Doug.

6 Events (continued) In class Robbie had to sit next to Bo. In the bathroom Bo saw that Robbie was wearing super hero underwear and he told everyone. He said "Does Baby Wobbie have widdle Super Heroes on his undies?" Then Bo wrote a note about Robbie's underwear and passed it around the class. After school Robbie's mom took him shopping and let him by jeans. He was so happy because all he wanted was to wear jeans to school instead of the dorky pants his mom made him wear. He couldn't believe his luck. When book buddy's were assigned Robbie got Bo. Robbie was really worried but his teacher told him that she chose him because she thought Robbie was smart and funny and nice. Bo needed someone who would not make fun of him. In the end Robbie and Bo were friends because Robbie was nice to Bo and helped him read.

7 Rating: Wikitastic: WWWW

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