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The Wicked Shoes By Storm Phillips The Wicked Shoes By Storm Phillips.

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2 The Wicked Shoes By Storm Phillips

3 The Wicked Shoes By Storm Phillips


5 I was at my house one day and my mom asked me if I wanted to buy some shoes at the mall. I said, Yes. When we got there I saw so many shoes. I bought every color. They had a lot of colorful shoes and some glowed in the dark. I saw Jeffo buying these jumbo clown shoes. I went up to him and said, those are ugly shoes! Jeffo ran crying to his clown car, and he put his window down. He got scared of the wind blowing and drove away.


7 I thought to myself, WOW! After we left that shoe store, we went to every shoe store, and I bought matching socks and T-shirts too. The next morning, it took me over an hour to decide what shoes to wear to school. Finally, I decided to wear my black and neon red shoes with my red T-shirt and jeans. At the bus stop, I saw Jeffo and he was wearing his ugly clown shoes, clown clothes, clown hair and a clown nose. I asked him, What is it with you and clowns. Jeffo answered, I do not know, I just like it. He left and went to his office.


9 Jeffo had a ton of school work and got so upset that he burned all the paperwork. He said, I wish I would have never burned all that paperwork. All at once, a tiger comes out of his closet, the light goes out and Jeffo is afraid of the dark, so he starts crying. Meanwhile, the tiger went out of the room. Mrs. G. saw the tiger and screamed. The tiger jumped out the window. Some of my friends, Jeremy, Shawn and Austin thought it was a free day, so they ran out of our school.


11 My friends and I got into a car and we went to the circus. We all saw Jeffo dressed as a clown. He tried standing on an elephant, but he fell down. Everyone started to laugh, but he was really doing a great job as a clown.


13 Jeffo kept falling down everywhere and all his friends were in a small clown car. He and his friends put on a big clown show. Everyone started to laugh out loud, and Jeffo smiled and said, WOW!


15 The circus clown show ended, and everyone went home. The next morning, I got ready for school and went to the bus stop. I thought about yesterday, Wow!


17 When I went to school, everybody was wearing clown shoes, clown hair and a clown nose. They wore shirts with Jeffo s name printed on each one. Even Mrs. C. and Mrs. G. were wearing clown outfits.


19 All the teachers were wearing clown outfits. I went to my shop and my shop teacher, Mr. S. was trying to teach us in his clown outfit. He tried to teach us how to lay brick block, but his big clown shoes kept getting in the way. Mr. S. started to cry. I laughed out loud because it was so funny to see Mr. S. in a clown outfit.


21 I thought that today was a funny day. At lunch, Mrs. C. started a food fight and then it became a weird day.


23 I thought, Why are all the teachers acting like the students? They are wearing funny clothes and fighting about clown shoes! I went home after school and went to bed. I woke up and just then I realized something. BAM! It was all a dream, and I was late for school!

24 Storm Phillips is a junior at Lawrence County Career & Technical Center. He is enrolled in masonry and is from the Ellwood City Area School District.

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