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By Pedro Bautista and Jorge Guzman. The next day Mr. Franklin wore a blue tie with a red shirt.

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1 By Pedro Bautista and Jorge Guzman

2 The next day Mr. Franklin wore a blue tie with a red shirt.

3 He told us about the activity he had planed for us today.

4 First, we had some physical activity with Mr. Franklin.

5 Afterwards we went inside the classroom and Mr. Franklin read us a story “A Monkey in Space.”

6 Then we had to draw a picture of a scene from the book

7 Kiku drew an amazing picture when the monkey was standing on the moon.

8 Next we had lunch. Kiku and I had apples and bananas with milk and chocolate cookies.

9 “Yum Yum, I love cookies and milk” said little Bill.

10 After lunch, Kiku and I went to play tag with other friends.

11 While we were running, Kiku shoe’s was untied. Kiku didn’t notice and fell down and bruised her right leg. Kiku started to cry!

12 Mr. Franklin took her to the nurse office to make sure she was ok.

13 Kiku’s parents came to take Kiku home.

14 I was sad and lonely with no one to talk to.

15 Mr. Franklin came to me and talked to me about the animals he had at home. He told me he was going to bring one tomorrow for us to pet.

16 The next day Kiku and I played with a rabbit that Mr. Franklin had brought from home. “It’s so soft and smooth.” say Kiku.

17 On the last day of Mr. Franklin teaching us, we told him how much we were all going to miss him.

18 After class, Little Bill's mother took him to get some ice cream.

19 "I want cookies and cream!" say Little Bill, "It's my favorite!"

20 On the way out, Little Bill tripped and dropped his ice cream. Little Bill was sad.

21 "Don't worry," his mother told him, "lets get another one." They went back in, and this time, his mother got him a double cone cookies and cream ice cream. Little Bill was really happy.

22 After eating some ice cream, Little Bill and his mother went to visit Kiku.

23 When they arrived, Kiku was playing outside. Kiku told Little Bill that she was feeling better. Kiku and Little Bill then went inside and started playing tic tac toe, Kiku's and Little Bill's favorite game.

24 Afterwards, Little Bill's mother say it was time to go. Little Bill say goodbye to Kiku and was really happy that Kiku was feeling better.

25 When they got home, Little Bill told his mom of the exciting day he had. He was really tired.

26 The next day, Little Bill woke up and got ready to go to school. Today Little Bill wore his favorite t-shirt with his blue and white shoes.

27 By the time he was ready, his mom had prepared him some pancakes with hash browns for breakfast.

28 "Yum!" Say Little Bill, "I love pancakes! I could eat like 10 of them!"

29 After eating breakfast, his mom took him to school. Little Bill was really excited for another day at school.

30 When he arrived to class, he was really happy to se Miss Murray back. Little Bill went to her and gave her a big hug.

31 Miss Murray then talked about the amazing things she saw and ate during her trip to the weading.

32 Miss Murray then say, "I have a big surprise for each of you." Miss Murray had brought each of them a gift with some delicious candy that she had bought.

33 At the end of the day, Little Bill and his classmates made a Thank You &We Will Miss You card to Mr. Franklin. Little Bill learned that meeting new teachers can be really fun and exciting.

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