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NUTRITION for LIFE Chapter 7.

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1 NUTRITION for LIFE Chapter 7

2 Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins

3 What is Nutrition? Nutrition:
1)the science or study of food and the ways in which the body uses food. 2) It is also the study of how and why we make food choices. 3) study of nutrients that food contains. Nutrients: substances in food that provide energy for life and growth.

4 Six Classes of Nutrients
There are 6 classes of nutrients in food: Carbohydrates- sugars, starches, fiber Fats- main form of energy stored in body Proteins- made of amino acids needed to build and repair body structures. Vitamins- fat soluble and water soluble Minerals Water

5 Balanced Diet Keeps you Healthy
-Consuming too many carbs, fats or proteins causes your body to store the extra as body fat. Excess body fat increases risk of obesity which can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and other chronic diseases. Healthy eating when you are young can prevent problems when you are older.

6 Food Has Fuel for Your Body
-Food provides fuel that runs your body Metabolism : the sum of all the processes in your body that keep you alive and active. This requires energy and nutrients. The nutrients in food that provide this energy are carbs, fats, proteins. Vitamins, minerals and water are needed but do not provide energy. The energy in food is measured in Calories and *depends on how the amount of each nutrient that the food contains.*

7 How Much Energy? Total # of calories = # of grams x calories/gram
Carbs: ___ cal/ per gram Proteins: ___ cal/gram How Much Energy? Measured in Calories (cal) 30 grams of steak? cal? 40 grams of ice cream? ________ cal Fats: ___ cal/gram

8 Carbohydrates

9 Carbohydrates

10 Proteins

11 Proteins

12 Fats

13 Fats

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