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Unit 5 Music Using language.

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1 Unit 5 Music Using language

2 Who am I ? Hello, everyone. I’m Freddy. Glad to meet you today, if you want to know who I am ,why not read the story about me?

3 Task 1: I’m sorry to say that my story is not in the right order, how about reading and putting it in the right order in groups of four? B C A D

4 Now you’ve known something about me , I’ d like to invite you to read my story a second time and summarizing it in one sentence?

5 How do you understand the underlined words in my story
How do you understand the underlined words in my story? Maybe you can discuss their meanings in groups . brief devotion afterwards invitation perform beard sensitive painful

6 You see, one’s life always changes a lot after he or she becomes famous.Why not have a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of being famous? advantages VS disadvantages

7 … advantages disadvantages become popular have many fans
can’t live a peaceful and quiet life disadvantages become rich be discussed by people be followed everywhere

8 How /What about—? Why not----? Why don’t we---? I’d like to suggest---
Discussion Imagine the four of you want to form your own band, now have a discussion about the following: What is the name of your band? What kind of band will it be? What instruments will you play? What songs will you play/perform? When and where will you practise? … … How /What about—? Why not----? Why don’t we---? I’d like to suggest--- Let me say that— Let’s--- I think we should Maybe we could--- What do you think---? What if----

9 Write an email asking for advice
If you are not sure about how to make your band successful,you may write an to Freddy and ask him for advice .

10 What should you cover in a letter of advice?
1 2 3 Explain your situation. Ask/ raise your question. Ask for an answer politely. If you want to perform well in today’s writing,I think it’s better to work out the structure of your in groups of four.

11 suggested structure of your email
politely greeting your situation your problem and question request for an answer politely. formal & politely ending your name let's have a look at the suggested structure.

12 Express your appreciation
Useful Expressions Express preference I prefer /enjoy … I am fond of … My favourite …is … Asking for advice What’s your opinion about…? What do you think…? I would like to know how I can … Could/ Would you offer me some advice? Do you have some good advice/tips on … Express your appreciation We’ll be grateful for your suggestions. Any advice will be a great help. We would appreciate your reply offering some tips. We would be grateful if you could give us some advice.

13 Dear Freddy, My name is_______. I am beginning a band with my friends. However, we have never been in a band before. Could you please give us some advise? I would like to know ______(the question)_________________. ____________________( body )(give information to show Freddy why you need help)__________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________. ______________(closing)(thank Freddy for his help)______________ Yours sincerely, _________

14 Assessment & Homework

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