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Project Writing an advice letter Crystal Wu. Music 22 school rules By Shui Mu Nian Hua Growing up can be difficult.

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1 Project Writing an advice letter Crystal Wu

2 Music 22 school rules By Shui Mu Nian Hua Growing up can be difficult.

3 If you meet problems, who will you turn to for help?

4 An advice columnist

5 Read the first letter(P.38) and answer: 1Why does the father write the letter? 2What does the father think about his son? (what are problems that the father thinks about his son?)problems 3What is the father worrying about? To ask for some help so as to help his son. His son may fail at school or worse. back

6 problems the father thinks about his son He refuses to do everything his parents ask him to do. He refuses to spend time with them. He is rude to them.

7 He wastes time watching DVDs, listening to foreign music, chatting in Internet cafes, playing games and surfing the internet. surfing the internet He refuses to do his homework.

8 Read the second letter (P.38) and answer: 1Why does the son write the letter? 2 What are his problems? Because he had some problems at home, and he wanted to be helped.

9 His father doesnt listen to him when he wants to do something or suggests an idea. problems the son thinks about his father His father shouts at him when he tries to talk to him.

10 When he refuses to listen to his father, his father shouts at him and they fight like crazy. His parents always make him do things he doesnt like. They call him selfish and unloving when he wants to be alone.

11 His father gets very angry when he plays foreign music. His father sends him to bed or tells him to study when he watches a DVD. His father forbids him from meeting his friends at the Internet cafe.

12 1. …… 2. as though/as if 3. Chunks: refuse to do … be rude to sb. 4. …… insist on doing … 5. like crazy

13 7. … forbid sb. (from) doing… 6. send sb. to bed Youve done a great job

14 Liu Weis blog Today I had a fight with dad again. Im the ______ ______ in the family, so everyone _______ me _____ ______. They buy me a lot of things, but thats not what I want. And they think Im ________ to them and dont love them just because I _______ _____ spend time with them and when I have my _______ time,

15 I want to be ______ and they call me ________ and ________. I like watching DVDs and listening to foreign music which dad cannot __________. I like spending some time in Internet ______, where I can either play games or chat _______. He has even ________ me ______ meeting my friends.

16 He thinks Im _______ _________ time during this important ________ in my life. At present, he _______ me my freedom. But I know he is worried that I may _______ at school. What am I to do now?

17 Student A: Liu Wei (Son) Student B: Liu Zhenhua (Father) Student C: the host of Talk Time Dialogue (group work) Your words( )

18 Begin your dialogue like this: Host : Hello, everyone, welcome to TALK TIME. They are Liu Zhenhua and Liu Wei. We are here to talk about Liu Weis and his fathers problem. Liu Wei, first, tell us what your problems are. Son : … Host: I think you should … /If I were you, … What s your trouble, Mr. Liu? Father: … Host: …. Group work: Lets have a talk!

19 Im an advice columnist! Write an advice letter!

20 1. To whom 2. Opening sentence 3. Body (Advice) 4. Closing sentence 5. From whom ( )

21 1. To whom 2. From whom _______________________________________ Dear Mr. Liu, Yours sincerely/truly, Mr. Zhu

22 3. Opening sentences 1.I am very glad to hear from you/receive your letter. 2.Thank you for your letter. 3.You have asked me for my advice about … and I will try to make some suggestions. 4.I am writing in reply( ) to …

23 4. Closing sentences 1.I hope you will find my suggestions/advice helpful/ useful. 2.At last, I hope I will be your best friends forever! Good luck to you! 3.Lets keep in touch. I do hope to hear good news from you.

24 5. Body (giving advice) Firstly, … ; Secondly,...;Thirdly, … First, … ; Second,...;Third, … First of all, … Then, …. At last, … On the one hand, …. On the other hand To begin with, … Besides(in addition), … What s more …

25 5. Body (giving advice) We can use conjunctions or phrases to make the letter better.

26 : as well as; not only…but also; : however; nevertheless; in spite of; otherwise : therefore; as a result; owing to; : besides; whats more; furthermore; in addition; whats worse : on the contrary; instead of; on the other hand;

27 Sample writing Dear Mr. Liu, I am very sorry to hear that you have some problems with your son. Here I want to give you some advice, and I wish it could be helpful to you.

28 Firstly, you should be not only strict but also kind to him. Treat him as an adult. You mustn't always shout at him. Respect him and his advice. Maybe his advice is of value. Secondly, you may try to enjoy what he likes, such as music and DVDs. Take more notice of what he thinks. On one hand, you can understand him further, on the other hand you can bridge the gap between you. Thirdly, you can turn to your son's close friends for help. They can understand what your son thinks and needs better.

29 I believe you can solve the problem, and everything will go well. Good luck to you!

30 Lets write Can you write an advice letter to Liu Wei now?

31 Write an outline for the body of the letter in class Proofread the draft after class Write the draft( ) in class Write a letter to Liu Wei

32 1. Polish( ) your advice letter! 2. Everyone writes an advice letter concerning the problems in the BBS.

33 I am an advice columnist. Student: My English is poor. Parent : How to deal with puppy love Teacher: Students learning attitude gets on my nerves( ).

34 My English is poor! Back

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