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1999 Preschool Sponsored by Mount Markham Human Development Students.

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2 1999 Preschool Sponsored by Mount Markham Human Development Students

3 Introducing 2nd Period Students Katie Bagnall Sheryl Bartle Sandra Brower Kristin Bommarito Cindy Case Jessica Davis Jessica Knapp David Carlomusto Becky Lindfield Jenni Thornley Dusty Urquhart Heather OSullivan Brandon Wheeler Samantha WaffleLenae Kosakowski

4 Introducing 3rd Period Students Sara BelisleAquila ButlerMichelle Caldwell Heather Chapman Jennifer Crandall Janessa Dennis Jennifer Drake Courtney Gigliotti Erica Hale Nicole Ingalls Laura Johnston Lena Johnston Heidi KnuttiBeth LandStephanie Leiter Colette MariottiAmanda OrtizJane Rheinhardt Eric Rose Lacey SchultzKristen Van Wieren

5 Utica Zoo Field Trip Activities Included Cocoa & Doughnut Party Visit the Monkey & Reptile House View the Grizzly Bear & Siberia Tiger Picnic Lunch Visit the Pond View the Deer Sea Lions Performance Visit Gift Shop

6 Going on a bug hunt! Childrens Museum 311 Main Street Utica, NY (315) 732- Presenter:

7 Cedar Hollow Farm Field Trip Activities Included Look in the milk tank Pump the milk to the truck Feed the cow Stencil a cow Name the calf Photograph with calf Sample ice cream Farm Owner: James Miccioli Assistant: Charlotte Kenyon

8 Story Time Sponsored by: Park Row Booksellers Park Row Clinton NY Story Teller: Barbara Knight

9 Halloween Haunted House Costume Parade Scary Stories Trick or Treating Piñata Scarecrow Contest Pumpkin Carving

10 OMARDI Remember all the things you can do! I Am Special by Judy Bush Sung to the tune of London Bridge I am special, yes I am Yes I am, yes I am I am special, yes I am Im very special No one has hair like mine Just like mine, just like mine No one has hair like mine Im very special Repeat verse two substituting face for hair and repeat again substituting eyes or nose or mouth. Rome Office of Developmental Disabilities

11 Donato's Bakery Varrick Street Utica, New York

12 Christmas Jingle Bells Visit with Santa The Chubby Little Snowman Gift Exchange Magical Reindeer Food Candy Canes

13 A Chubby Little Snowman A chubby little snowman (arms make a fat tummy) Had a carrot nose. (a fist out in front of nose) Along came a bunny, (hold up two fingers, hop hand) And what do you suppose? (shake pointer finger) That hungry little bunny, (rub tummy) Looking for his lunch, (shade eyes, look around) Ate the snowman's carrot nose, (fist out in front of nose) Nibble, nibble, crunch! (open and close fist twice, grab nose with fist moving toward nose) Beall, Pamela Conn and Susan Hagen Nipp. Wee Sing for Christmas. 1984 Price Stern Sloan. Los Angeles. Page 52.

14 Introducing the 1999 Preschool Graduates Margot Rankins-BurdJada Lee Kristen CombsEthan Livingston Allison CurtisTyler Plows Alexandra DavisAlex Robinson Davide DeliaCassandra Sterling Ian FlemingTaz Taylor Sydney FlanaganEmily Thomas Ryan Austin HicksTianderah Twichell Casey JennisonBrianna Wichowsky Zachary KerwinCarryn Williams


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