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Halloween An American Tradition.

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1 Halloween An American Tradition

2 What is Halloween? ¨Hallows' Eve¨ or ¨Holy Eve¨ 31st of October
Celebrated the night before “All Saints Day” A day to remember the dead

3 Where did Halloween start?
Traditions started when the Irish and Scottish immigrated to North America in the 18th century

4 Who celebrates Halloween?
United States The holiday is spreading to … South America Europe Asia

5 Why do Americans celebrate Halloween?
To have FUN! To dress up! To eat candy!

6 COMMON Costumes

7 Traditions Trick or Treat: Children dress up Ring doorbell
Say trick or treat “Trick or treat, give me something good to eat!”

8 Traditions Haunted Houses:

9 Traditions Pumpkin Carving

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