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Shakespeare Background and Timeline.

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1 Shakespeare Background and Timeline

2 Shakespeare’s Family William Shakespeare was born April 23, 1564 in Stratford England. Father: John Shakespeare a Protestant and the son of a tenant farmer. Mother: Mary Arden a Catholic and daughter of a wealthy land owner.

3 Family continued John and Mary Shakespeare married one year after the death of Mary’s father. John became a glove maker with the money Mary inherited. They bought a large home in Stratford.

4 Family continued John and Mary had 8 children.
Only 3 of the children lived to be adults and William was the oldest surviving son. William attended the Old Guild School in Stratford from ages 7-14.

5 Social Groups of the time
Aristocrats: Upper class. These people were rich landowners and titled. Craftsmen: Skilled laborers—the early form of the middle class.

6 Becoming a craftsman At the age of 14 a young man would have been apprenticed to a master craftsman for the period of 7 years. During this time the apprentice would generally work 6 days a week with no salary. Apprentices were paid for their work through room and board.

7 Craftsman continued At age 21, once the apprenticeship was completed, a person would become a journeyman for 7 years. During this time the journeyman was given a salary. At the end of 7 years the journeyman would be a master craftsman.

8 Timeline At age 14 Shakespeare was apprenticed to a butcher. He hated it. In 1582 at age 18, William married Anne Hathaway who was 26. In 1583 their first child, Susanna, was born (6 months after their marriage).

9 Timeline continued In 1585 twins were born. A son Hamnet and a daughter Judith. Hamnet died at age 11. In 1587 William left Stratford and moved to London and lived there for 25 years.

10 Reasons for leaving Stratford:
An unhappy marriage He wanted to be an actor A possible warrant for his arrest. When he first arrived in London he had small jobs in the theater—he most likely held horses during performances.

11 Timeline continued In 1589 Shakespeare joined the acting company Lord Pembroke’s Men. In 1592 the theaters were all closed due to plague. He began writing to make a living and wrote most of his sonnets during this time.

12 Timeline continued From Shakespeare also wrote his first play: Romeo and Juliet. In 1594 the theaters re-opened. Shakespeare helped to form a new acting company known as Lord Chamberlain’s Men. This is the group Shakespeare belonged to for the rest of his life.

13 Timeline continued In 1597 Shakespeare applied for a coat-of-arms and became a nobleman. (This means he had to be incredibly wealthy) In 1599 The Globe Theater was built. Shakespeare owned 10% of it.

14 Timeline continued In 1603 Queen Elizabeth died. King James became the new king. He was fond of the theater and became Shakespeare’s new patron. Shakespeare’s group then changed the name of the group to the King’s Men.

15 Timeline continued In 1613 The Globe burned down and Shakespeare retired and moved back to Stratford. In 1616 Shakespeare died. His death was recorded on April 23—his birthday. He probably died of pneumonia.

16 Plays and Money Shakespeare wrote 37 plays in all. Comedies Tragedies
Histories He made money by: writing plays, owning 10% of the theater, and by acting.

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