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Timeline of Shakespeare's life

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1 Timeline of Shakespeare's life
- Timeline of Shakespeare's life By Grace Cho

2 Shakespeare’s Birth No one actually knows Shakespeare's real birthday
On Shakespeare’s record, he was baptized on April 26, 1564 in Stratford between John and Mary Shakespeare. So, people just predict that he was born on April 23

3 Marriage Married on November 28th, 1582 with Anne Hathaway
Shakespeare was 18 years old when he got married and Anne was 26 years old. Had a first child after 5 months they got married

4 Shakespeare’s lost years(1585-1592)
He went to London for 20 years for his work. He joined a company as a playwright and actor. One day, he came back to his home, but only for forty days.

5 success In 1596, Shakespeare succeed by writing plays.
Example) Twelfth Night, Hamlet In 1597, his success grew ,so he bought second largest house in Stratford and bought land around his place.

6 Globe Theatre Globe theatre where all Shakespeare’s plays were performed burned in 1613. In 1614, Globe theatre reopened.

7 His death In 1611, Shakespeare retired from his job.
In 1616, April 23rd, Shakespeare died. Before he died, he gave his SECOND best bed to his wife so, people think that his marriage was not happy.

8 Today… Even nowadays, Shakespeare is known as one of the greatest playwright.

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