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William Shakespeare.

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1 William Shakespeare

2 Content Shakespeare‘s Life Shakespeare‘s Work Early Years
plays and poems Youth Top 5 Plays Marriage Facts Family Lost Years Later Years

3 Early years Baptized 26 April, 1564 Stratford-upon-Avon, England
Seven siblings Father: John Shakespeare Glover Upper class roots Mother: Mary Arden Catholic Inherited the house

4 Youth Good education at grammar school No college education (no hints)
Focus on literature, poetry and history No college education (no hints) No further informations about his childhood and youth

5 Marriage Married Anne Hathaway in 1582 Born in 1556 (day is unknown)
Pregnant at the time She was 26 years old He was only 18 Born in 1556 (day is unknown) Died 6 August, 1623 Clues for unhappy marriage Moved to London without her Does not benefit from testament

6 Family First daughter: Susanna (*1583) Twins (*1585):
Favorite daughter Married Dr. John Hall (military doctor) Twins (*1585): Judith Hamnet (died: 1596)

7 Lost Years The period between 1585 and 1592 is known as the „Lost Years“ because there are no documentary records of Shakespeare‘s activities

8 Later years Moved to London (1591)
Worked as an actor and playwright (Globe Theatre) At the age of 46 he moved back to Stratford Rich man Visited family and friends in London Died at the age of 52 in Stratford Exact date and reason unknown Speculation: died of a fever caused by drinking

9 Shakespeare‘s work Comedy History Tragedy Poetry
The Merchant of Venice A midsummer Night‘s Dream The Tempest Twelfth Night Winter‘s Tale Henry IV (1-3) King John Richard II Hamlet Romeo and Juliet Macbeth Julius Caesar The Sonnets The Lover‘s Complaint

10 Top 5 Plays Hamlet (as well as his longest play) Macbeth Julius Caesar
The Tempest 1 Henry IV ... Romeo and Juliet

11 Facts 37 plays 154 sonnets Most successful plays are tragedies
Still successful in other genres (history, comedy) Most written plays are comedies The Comedy of Errors was his shortest play his plays have inspired modern movies (The Lion King by Hamlet)

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